Oct 28, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday

Last Thursday of the month. Pretty weird saying that since it means we only have 2 months left of 2021. This year has flown by but I kinda feel like I haven't done that much. It was just been a weird year/couple of months. For example, this weekend is Halloween and I'm doing absolutely nothing. I'm going to stay home and watch Football and the World Series. Not going out, literally just chilling at the house. I guess I'm out of feeling like I needs to dress up and go out downtown stage of life.  Anywho, let me stop rambling.  Here are some thoughts for today:

Peace & Blessings, all! Have a great Thursday.


Oct 25, 2021

Halloween Treats

Hard to believe that we are only 6 days out from Halloween. I know that some of y'all are going to be going to parties on Saturday to celebrate the holiday. I'm probably going to watch television (more than likely football since Georgia plays Florida on Saturday), eat some snack, and watch bad Halloween movies. Below are some of the snacks that I have been thinking about making for next weekend:

Some of these are going to be easier to make then others like the pumpkin cheeseball. I did a mixture of  desserts and a few food items. I'm not having a party or anything, just wanted to make some festive snack. Until next time, Peace & Blessings, all!!!

Oct 7, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday

Happy Thursday! So, this week has been pretty chill. My job is off for Fall Break so that means I'm off the whole week too. I've been trying to catch up on reading and some other things. Hanging out with some of my friends that I haven't seen in a while and just exploring the city a bit. Here are some quotes/thoughts for this week:

 Peace and Blessings, all! Have a great Thursday.

Sep 30, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday

Hello all!! Not only is it the last day of September, but it's also Thursday. This month has flown by. Fall is supposed to be in full swing but it's still in the 80s outside here. Luckily, next week I'm off all next week because of Fall Break at my job. Pretty much, at my job, we're on the calendar of the school systems in the area who are on Fall Break next week. I do have to go to work tomorrow but, I really don't have much to do so I'll probably try finishing reading one of my books or organize my work area. Anywho, here are some quotes/thoughts for this week:

This next week I have off work I'm going to try to catch up on some reading, baking, work on some blog post. I'm supposed to go bowling for my friend's birthday on Tuesday, Happy hour on Wednesday, and meeting my other friend for lunch on Thursday. Plus, I'm supposed to be going to work at some point to organize the back office (fun times). Well until next time, Peace & Blessings all!

Sep 28, 2021

Best foods to help with Reducing Stress

A few weeks ago I went the doctor and I found out I need to change a couple of things and clean my diet up. One of the things that I have been trying to work on managing my stress. Part of that is changing some of the food I eat. I like baking cookies, cakes, and other sweets (as well as eating them) so you can kinda guess how that's going. Today, I wanted to share a short and sweet version of some of the best foods to eat for stress relief from Health, Eating Well, & Heathline:

Turkey Breast
Sweet Potatoes
Matcha Powder
Green Tea

I have been incorporating more of these into my diet lately. I have used garlic for a long time in my foods. Since I gave up coffee on January 1st (9 months and counting since I've had a cup), I've been drinking a lot of green tea. I think in a future post, I'll share what tea I'm drinking since I have about 20 different types at one time. Until then, Peace and Blessings!!

Sep 27, 2021

Fall Soups

      And just like that, it's officially Fall. Oh, and life happened, as usual. Anywho, with it finally being Fall, I can start wearing some of my Fall clothes. I might wait on that one since it's still in the low 80s in the South. I have worn some cardigans and low boots. Fall weather in the South is weird one day it was 69/70 and the next it's 79 degrees out.

Other than way cooler temps, I'm excited about the foods and drinks that are mainly had in cooler/some of the Fall months. Right now, I'm trying to find the Green Mountain Apple Cider K cup. The last 2 years when I've gotten them, I've had to drive to across town to find them since they are sold out at the stores near me.

 Also, since I gave up coffee at the beginning of this year (haven't had a cup since January 1st of this year), I have been drinking green and black tea as well a new drink that I've been getting at Starbuck. It's a Pumpkin Spice Creme. It's pretty much like the Pumpkin Spice coffees but replace the coffee with warm or hot milk. It's a good sub for the coffee (just watch for the sugar amount in it). The other thing that I love about Fall is all the soups I can make. Not sure why soup and chilis remind me of Fall but they do. Here a few recipes from The Pioneer Woman that I want to try making this Fall:

These are just a few of the ones I found on The Pioneer Woman's website. There are a bunch of desert recipes from there I plan on sharing soon. Some of them I've already made and they are pretty tasty. Until then, Peace & Blessings!

Sep 16, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday

Happy Thursday! The last few weeks have been pretty busy plus I've been dealing with sinus issues per the usually. Hopefully, since it's starting to get cooler, the weather will help it some. Other than, that not much has been happening. Here are the thoughts/quotes for the week:

Have a great day. Peace & Blessing, everyone!