Oct 19, 2017

Thoughtful Thursday

As of late, I have been the biggest slacker ever!!!!! Productivity........ At work: yes. Not so much in my life outside of work. I have two bookshelves to put up plus curtains and blinds. Numerous people I know have told me it takes time to fully unpack a house. Some people have said that is could take months (which is definitely not happening),

Since procrastination has become my middle name, I decided that today's thoughts that I picked would be appropriate. Most of them are about time and using it well. Here are some quotes from Pinterest this week:





Time to write my paper and try to me more productive with my school work, posting more on the blog, and in other aspects of my life.
Peace & Blessings all! Have a great Thursday!!

Oct 17, 2017

Fitness Tuesday

It's Tuesday. Last week, I did have a bunch of post planned for last week but, I had a due (per the usual) on Monday and an essay test on Tuesday. On top of that, I am still doing all of my mom's errands until she can walk on her foot. Being busy is so not fun.

Anywho,  I have been going to the gym regularly for the most part. For some reason, I always focus on my legs, glutes, and abs. As women, we tend to forgot our backs and shoulders Here are some of my favorite back and shoulder exercises from Pinterest:

I know that summer is gone but you can have great back and shoulders all year round. Everyone should get excited because tomorrow I'm revealing my bar cart that I got almost two weeks ago.

Peace & Blessing, all. Have a great Tuesday!!!

Oct 3, 2017

Fitness Tuesday

Now that it is officially fall (YAY!!) I can start cooking more seasonal dishes. By now, everyone should know how much I love cooking & eating too. I am always looking for new recipes when a new season starts.

 This is going to be short & sweet since I have a paper to write. One of my go-to websites for great foods recipes are from Delish. I like that I can take one of the recipes that they have & make changes to make it healthier (less cheese, air frying the grease out, etc). These are a few of the recipes that I have to try making when I get a chance this Fall:

Healthy Chicken Casserole

Spinach Lasagna

Lemon Pepper Chicken

Cheesy Spinach-Artichoke Quesadillas

In case anyone did not know: I have A LOT of random kitchen appliances. I mean A LOT!!!!! That is including a quesadilla maker. Makes life a little easier. The only food I am missing is pumpkin. A pumpkin cheesecake definitely is being made in the future.

Peace & blessings, all!!! Have a great Tuesday.

Oct 2, 2017

Home buys: Wayfair

Happy Monday & October!!! It is so hard to believe that we only have two months left in 2017. There have been a few reasons I have been M.I.A: work, school is kicking my butt (research critiques are not fun at all), still finishing unpacking which is 70% done, plus I've finally decided to start planning my wedding. 

Wedding planning had been put on hold until we finished getting the house the in order. One thing that I have found helpful is ordering furniture online #obsessed. Since I really have no time to go furniture shopping in real life, I have made the decision to start looking at some online sited. My favorite place to get it from is Wayfair.

Recently, I just bought a few more pieces. I plan to get some other items we have been waiting on since we need a large amount of them. Bookshelves are the main item since we need about 6. We have A LOT of books. Here are some of the items I bought:

Our bed is one of the adjustable ones. Finding a headboard was a little tough due to the bed having to be on a certain base. We found out that if we found a headboard, brackets just need to be attached to the base of the bed. I found this one, which is on sale right now. I originally wanted a black headboard, but since the curtains in the room are black, that's would be way too much black going on.

I got this table in black for our little entry area. We put a lamp & some of the crystal my fiancee's grandmother gave him on the bottom. It cute & eventually if we need more storage, do like in the picture & put baskets on the bottom part.

Trying to find a sideboard that is one: not super expensive & two: was what I wanted for the space I wanted to put the bar in was not easy task. I found some that I liked but I really did not want spend $500 or more for one at the moment. I decided to get a bar cart instead. My mom bought me a wine chiller (I use it for wine & liquor).

I looked a few and found the one above. I have a twelve set of stemless wine glasses & champagne flutes that I need to place somewhere. Pictures will be posted as soon as get the poster I want framed up. The cart is suppose to be here on Wednesday so probably next week is when I will post them. When I purchased the cart I also decided to buy this:

I already had a shaker but now that I am "an adult" its time I got a real bar set. This one is going to do for the moment. It is a great price for all that you get with it. 
There are a few other things that I plan to buy from them or Joss and Main

Peace & blessings all!!I would love to know if anyone else been furniture shopping online recently? 

Sep 22, 2017

Friday Thoughts

Happy first day of Fall!!! This was meant to be posted yesterday but I forgot to hit publish. Ooops....  It's the end of the week though so YAY!!! Even though today is the start of Fall, that means nothing when you live in the Southeast. There is truly no telling when Fall will actually come (October, December who can guess). I know that it is suppose to be still in the high 80s for the next 2 weeks. WHYYYY!!!!

Anywho, here are some thoughts for this first day of Fall 17':




Peace& Blessing, all!! Everyone have a great weekend & enjoy the start of a new season.

Sep 20, 2017

My new favorite candles

Anyone who has been reading the blog long enough know that I love candles, aromatherapy, or anything that smells good. Recently, I went in to Bath & Body Works to get some body wash/ hand soap (the usual). One of the first things I noticed was that they had new candles. Of course me being me I had to smell each one. 

These were my two favorite ones:

One of the things that I like about these is that there is a little essential oil in them. I have been burning both of them non-stop since I bought them a little over a week ago. The lemon one I usually burn in the kitchen (I love the smell of lemons). 
Right now the "medium size candles" are mix & match 2 for $22.

I will go back & most likely buy these two at some point in the next few weeks:

I also bought this candle
This is the larger version of the candle of one that I bought last year. All of the ones above I like because they not only smell great but they are not super overwhelming. With that being said, there were some ones that were super strong & not in a good way.

Some of the ones that are super strong in the smell department are based on cities across the U.S. Some of the smells for each city are a little interesting (meaning they do not smell good at all). Of all of those, the one I would buy would be the Seattle one:
The smell of this reminds me of the coffee lip balm & body butter The Body Shop use to make. This would go great in a kitchen. I mean, it smell just like coffee.

Peace & Blessings all!! I would love to hear if any of you have seen or bought some of the new candles at Bath & Body Works/White Candle Barn.

Sep 19, 2017

Fitness Tuesday

With me being sick for the last week, I have been super lazy,slacking on a couple of items on my to-do list. A few of those items in particular: finishing unpacking, some reading for school, & the gym. I did go to the gym once last week, a major change from 4-5 times. One good thing from that one day was that I was sore for a few days.

Pertaining to my workout, I think that I have definitely gotten my leg day down pretty good. Arms, shoulders, & chest are getting there. The one area I have always had an issue with, like most women is the stomach area. With me, that is the first place that I gain & the last place I lose. Most of it is diet, which I have gotten under control for the most part (having my desk by the work candy drawer is the worst idea EVER!!!!). Now, I am starting to work on getting my stomach back to where it was.

These are a few of the core/stomach/ab routines that I liked from Pinterest:

Over the weekend, I have decided to make a few changes to the blog & the way I post. I think that have set days for topics work best for me at the moment personally. This week, is going to be a test so, we will see how it goes.

Peace & Blessings all!! Have a great Tuesday!