Aug 29, 2014

What happening, people

Hey Again!!! I am definitely alive. Just super busy. I am taking 18 hours this semester. The only plus side to that is most of them are nutrition classes and I am learning a lot of things already. I have to find a new job since the spa I work at is closing (kinda saw that coming). I am completely out of commission for the long Labor Day weekend since I go my top two wisdom teeth out today. It would have to happen the weekend when football season starts. Any who, everyone have a great Labor Day weekend, eat enough dips, wings, and tasty food for me, and have enough too much ridiculous fun for me. I mean, when you are drinking your beers and yelling at the tv after you team doesn't play any defense (hint South Carolina. Don't get me started on that game, please.) think of me and have another.

Oh, and I for sure know how I am going to redo my blog now so, its going to reflect my personality and style more and I for one am super excited.

Until next time, Laters..........

Aug 7, 2014

Recent Buy: Shoes

In July, I decided that I needed to be an adult somewhat and buy some flats. I usually have a tough time finding shoes since I have big large feet ( I wear an 11/12 depending on the shoe). A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Victoria's Secret where they were offering free shipping on purchases over $25. Anyone who knows me that I can not turn down two things: food and a deal.
  I ended up buying four pairs of shoes:
Double Ankle-strap Sandal
VS Collection Double Ankle-strap Sandal

Ankle-strap Wedge Espadrille
VS Collection Ankle-strap Wedge Espadrille

VS Loafer

VS Loafer
VS Collection VS Loafer

The second pair of loafers I bought were actually the Leopard Haircalf  ones but I think they are almost sold out of them now. Everything looked exactly like it did online as it did when I received the physical item.  One thing I can say about Victoria's Secret is that when you order items online, unless they are backed ordered you will get them extremely fast. I ordered my shoes on a Sunday
and received them that Wednesday.

That is it for now. I hope everyone has a good rest of your day and until next time, Laters....


Aug 5, 2014

Time for a change for real this time

Thanks to my Human Anatomy class this Summer and life i.e. work getting in the way, my blogging (or lack thereof) has fallen into the gutter. Since I have a week and a half off before the Fall semester starts I am for real going to revamp my blog and probably change the name as well, for real this time. It will be changing over the next couple of weeks bit by bit to fit who I am now. The url will still be the same until I stop being lazy and change it. With that being said, I hope everyone has had a great summer and until next time: Laters........