Jun 15, 2017

Thoughtful Thursday

It's Thursday!!!! This week's quotes are going to be bit different. I know that this upcoming Sunday is Father's Day. Since I don't usually post on the weekends (I do sometimes on Fridays depending on the week) I thought it would be fitting to share some Father's Day quoted courtesy of Shutterfly:

Thanks to all the great dads/uncles/ father figures out there. Have a great Thursday, everyone!

Peace & Blessings, all!!!

Jun 14, 2017

Spring clothes purchases

Happy Wednesday. Thank god it's hump day!!! I think that I'm finally over this sinus infection/congestion thing I had going on for the last week. I think this is my body's way of telling me that I need to slow down. 
On a lighter note, in the last few months I have been buying a few new clothing items. Recently, I went through & got rid of some clothes (most were from college). Here are some of the new items that I have added to my closet:

Provence Striped Tall Espadrille Wedge Sandal


Off the shoulder mini dress 
I have this dress in red but they only have that color in the Maternity fit now.

One shoulder mini swing dress

These dresses I have in the regular fit in both of these colors. I looks like all they have left now is the curve.

Personally during the summer, I like to wear more dresses, shorts, & skirts. Probably due to the fact that in Alabama in May-August (sometime March-September) it's super humid & muggy. The best part about most of the items (except for the Asos one that are always pretty reasonably priced) is that all the other ones are on sale. I don't know about you, but I love a great deal. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Peace & Blessings, all!!!

Jun 13, 2017

Fitness Tuesday: Recent Food Finds

Hello, all. Spent most of the weekend sick with a sinus infection, which I'm still trying to get rid of. Plus, there are some other commitments that I've had (meaning I still have been avoiding doing them). Not going to lie, so have not finished those yet but I am trying to find a good balance between work, blogging, and some of the other activities/adventures that I want to do this summer.

Anywho, today I want talk about food. For some reason, I'm all about being the first one to try something as soon as it hits the store. Here are some of the food items that I have tried/ been eating as of late recently:

Know that this was short & sweet but, I've decided to go to bed at a reasonable time (meaning before midnight). Have a great Tuesday.

Peace & Blessings, all!!!

Jun 8, 2017

Thoughtful Thursday

Hi all!!! This week has been a little crazy so to speak. My birthday was on Monday. Since then, I have been sick so I had post that I've written but haven't scheduled yet of course. Is anyone who reads that really surprised by that. Life gets busy & sneaks up on you (kind of like a cold). Anywho, here are some quotes for this Thursday:

There will me a 90% chance that there will be a new post tomorrow since I've clearly been slacking at life as of late. Everyone have a wonderful Thursday.

Peace & Blessings, all!!!

Jun 1, 2017

Thoughtful Thursday

Happy June & first Thoughtful Thursday of a month!!! This week has gotten by me. I keep on thinking that it's the wrong day. I guess that happens when it's a short work week after a holiday. I'm a busy bee as usual so, here are some thoughts for today:

Peace & Blessing, all!!!