Jul 17, 2020

Review: Betty Crocker No-Bake Cookie Dough Bites

     Not going to lie, this Friday has been one of those days. Yesterday afternoon, I had a moment of clarity about some things that have been going on in my life. This clarity has made me realize some things about some of the main relationships in my life that either need to change or that need to be stopped. I've been dealing with one of them since last night/this morning & it has been emotionally draining hence why I don't have a brand new recipe. I will have one next Friday though.

Until then, I wanted to share a product that I reviewed as part of one of the Influencer networks I belong to. I could choose from any Betty Crocker product & I chose to try the No-Bake Cookie Dough Bites. I picked the Birthday Cake & the Cookies & Cream flavors. Below is how to make them. They are super easy & didn't take more than 15 minutes to make.

In the box, come the mix that is the Birthday Cake batter. I emptied that into a clean bowl.

In a different bowl, you combine 8oz softened cream cheese & 1 tbsp of butter. You microwave this until the butter is melted (I did it for 45 seconds). Once the butter is melted, you still the two ingredients together.

 Once the butter & cream cheese are mixed, you add it to the birthday cake mix.

When all three ingredients are mixed together, you get a cookie dough ball.

From the dough you can make 18 bites (or less if you want them larger). I placed them on an baking sheet after they were formed. I then sat them to the side.

After the bites are made, you take the white chocolate chips that were included & melt them in a bowl. I melted these for about 30 seconds or until the chips are completely melted.Once the chips were melted partly, I stirred it to smooth it out. 

Finally, I drizzled the white chocolate on the cookie dough bites. Once all the chocolate was used, I placed them in the fridge until they become hard (it was about 1 hour).

The end result is on top. Between the two, I liked the birthday cake better than the cookies & cream. These are great if you just want a taste of something sweet or for a party.

I'm finally going to play with this handpie maker I have this weekend along with reading & finishing my last courses. Until next week, Peace & blessings, everyone have a great weekend & be safe.

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