Mar 5, 2018

2018 Goal Update

Why hello there. Since the end of January, I have been taking a blogging "break". I have numerous post that I started writing but never posted. The plus side to this is that I have post for the next two weeks since I have decided to finish all of them.

Since my little hiatus is over, I decided to share with you how my Goals for there year are looking. Some are going pretty good. Others on the not so much. I am probably going to do two to three month updates to share how I am progressing and the struggles that I am having.

Here are how things are going as of March:
Get healthier
I have lost a few pounds since January but I have hit a roadblock. Now though, I do have motivation. As work we are doing a weight loss change that ends in September. The person who wins it gets a good bit of money. It is based on body fat percentage so weight does not matter. I have 6 months to get to the percentage that I want to get to.

One thing that I am doing is trying to add more protein to my diet and cutback on the unhealthy fat in my diet. I have been slowly increasing my exercising amount again. I will let y'all know in May how it goes.

This is one goal that I have been sticking to. Ever since my friend gave me my journal, I have written in it at least 5 days a week. Usually, I write in it first thing in the more after I mediate and right before I go to bed. For me, doing it this way does two things: first, it let's me get any thoughts that I had during the night get off my chest. Second, it make sure to get out an feelings or stress from the day before I got to sleep.

Try to not stress as much
I have cutback on this a little bit. I just finally realize that I can't control others, how they act, and how they react. Most of my stress at this point is more outward sources than those close to me. I am just trying to find ways to handle it.

Take control of finances
Epic fail!!!! I was doing good in January then February hit. Those not spending money goals just went down the toilet. I had some prints framed, ate out WAYYYY too much, and had to pay to get my car fixed. So I spent, A WHOLE LOT last month. Then there is the whole making a budget thing.

I had started one but all the spreadsheets that excel had confused me a bit and I want something a little easier to track with. I did really well when I us to write it down in my spending notebook but, it was a big ol' hot mess. I had receipts everywhere in my purse and would fall out. I am going to start looking for something similar to that but with some organization.

Get organize
Speaking of organization, this is a yes and a no. I have gotten organized in certain place such as the pantry in the house. I will share a post on it because I think it is a more realistic pantry space compared to some of the other people who have done them. It is literally the size of a small linen closet.

The guest room and office are still a no-go. In all honesty, when you have two people who work full time jobs plus have other commitments a house is not going to get unpacked quickly. It is easier to have unpack when you have time to do it. The two three main goals for the house are to finish the guest bedroom, unpack the office, and finish the closet. For those who do not know, there was an issue in the master closet and the guest bedroom has become my closet at the moment. 

I would love to know how others are doing on the goals they set for this year. Oh, each month I have a different word of that I want to focus on and March's word in Productivity. It means different things to different people. To me it means getting things done so here's to March.

Peace & Blessings, all!!!