Jul 15, 2011

Things are going to start getting interesting

I was going to write about the tv shows that I am going to watch during this summer (Dance Moms, Sweet Home Alabama, Big Rich Texas, Giuliana and Bill just to name a few) but I decided that every week I am going to write on what we are calling operation: get me a dating.

My roommate/one of my besties has come up with the great idea that me, one of our friends, and one of the girls that she works with (who I still think is not going to be down because she said not happening twice already) should go speed dating.

This is going to be interesting for many reason:
  • First: my friend who is the mastermind behind this operation has a boyfriend (even though those words have never come out of his mouth, I guess it's just assumed at this point).
  • Second: I am just doing this to shut her up. Part of why I moved her was to that main reason. I could be sitting in Florence right now with guys who want to hangout with me. Ok, they are in the age range I am suppose to stay away from but at least I would have options.
  • Third: I really do believe that this is purely for her entertainment teven though she says its not. If I had a boyfriend and a bunch of single friend going speed dating , I would totally go just for the comedic aspects of it. We all know we would do the same
And we are not even including the fact that I enjoy asking guys random questions to see how they react them. I have done it to guys my friends like and dislike on many occasions. It's extremely funny depending on what you ask. With that being said, every week I am going to update who is reading on my friend's quest to find me a man. Its going to be like a bad sitcom because we have total opposite taste in men.

There will pictures from these escapades, so here's to whatever I'm going to call these post. I'll come up with something

Jul 8, 2011

Lucky Me

The Fourth of July weekend was literally the weekend from Hell.  Let's start:
On Friday I somehow ended up planning a birthday party for my roommate's friend. Then we went out knowing we were leaving for Florence at 7:30 in the a.m. Bad Idea!!!! Shot rooms are not anyones' friend.

Saturday morning did not leave at 7:30 but at almost 6:00 IN THE EVENING. Some of us (in particular me and my roommate's boyfriend) had too much fun and definitely paid for it most of Saturday. We however did get to Florence at 11:45 that night. I went to bed but, they went to the birthday party of one of his best friend's from college. Random comment but it would take my friend moving to Montgomery to end up dating not only a guy from North Alabama but a guy who went to the same college as we did.

Sunday I spent about 3 hours trying to get my car running (which did not happen). That what Saturday was for but we were out of commission for most of that day so there were no auto shops open on Sunday. After we left Florence we went to the Atl to get her mom who was flying in from Germany at 11:59 that night. We got to Atlanta around 7:30 after eating we decided to go see her best from high school who lives there. Let's just say that it was an experience that the two of us had.

Late Monday morning we left to go to Cullman to get her dog, some backyard stuff, and take her mom home. Clearly this trip did not go as planned and I knew it was going to continue being bad news bears but my roommate is a planner and did not want to listen to me. We got to her house and went into get her dog. Long story short, I went upstairs to take a nap and during that time her dog died. She was a hot mess for like a couple of days after that.

So, I have been trying to get sleep back and recover from those 4 days. I literally have the worse luck ever. Plus, I called to see how much it was going to take to fix my car. Its going to be about $610 since they have to take out the computer, reprogram it, then put it back in the car.  I dislike my car at the moment and I need a vacation at this point.