Mar 26, 2021

Weekend Reads

          Happy Friday!!! Glad the weekend is here so I can try to get some things done. I'm in the middle of spring cleaning. For me, this means getting rid of old clothes & other things that I don't use or can't fit into anymore. There's another motive behind it also: to find my missing cookbooks & cloth napkins a bought a while back. I know they are around here somewhere, just haven't found them yet.
Anywho, here are some articles that I liked/found interesting this week:

Some ways to Boost Your Energy With Food

     No big plans for this weekend. I might be going hiking with some friends on Saturday or Sunday. Not sure if that will happen though since it's suppose to start raining again. Who knows how the weather will act. Until next time, Peace & Blessings, all!!!

Mar 25, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday

      Happy Thursday. This week has flown by. I think on my end it's because I've been busy trying to finish all my books & handling some other things that I needed to take care of. Other than that, Alabama weather is going to be Alabama weather. Today, another storm system is coming through but at the moment, the sun is out. Not going to complain about that. Here are some quotes/thoughts for this week:

Peace & blessings, all until next time.

Mar 19, 2021

Weekend Reads


      Happy start of the weekend. I can't believe that tomorrow is the start of Spring. I've nothing big planned for this weekend. Doing the usual things like finish reading my books, watch some shows on Discovery +, edit some pictures, & enjoy having free time. I'm going to share some of the shows I've been watching on Discovery + next week so, I hope I don't have anyone else falling down the rabbit hole of binge watching shows on there. Until then, here are some articles that I liked this week:

Mar 18, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday

      Happy Thursday. I can't believe that today is the last Thursday of Winter. The weather was crazy yesterday. We were under storm (Tornado watch, flood warning) all day yesterday. We mainly got have rain in the morning and lighting other than that, the temperature is going to drop to the high 40s tomorrow so. Gotta love Southern weather. Anywho, here are some thoughts for today:

     I've been a slacker this week with the mid-week post so I'm going to post tomorrow (Friday) and I've all post that were for this week scheduled for next week. I'll get the being consistent thing down eventually. Peace & blessings, all!!!

Mar 15, 2021

Spring Lemon Recipes


Happy Monday. I hope everyone slept well since we lost that hour. Yay for that spring forward. I know that Spring technically starts on Saturday, the 20th but it's starting to feel like it now. One thing that I love about Spring besides the weather is that I get to eat some foods more. I know that we use Lemons & Limes year-round but, I feel like those fruits are more Spring & Summer appropriate (they kind of the same way I feel about berries). 

With that said, I'm going to share some Lemon & Lime recipes to get us all ready for the new season:

Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos

Lemon Yogurt Cake

Frozen Key Lime Pie

Lemon Drop Cocktail

Cilantro Lime Salmon

Lemon Capellini

Raspberry-Lime Gin & Tonic

These are just a few recipes I'm going to try making in the next month or so. If you haven't noticed, a lot of the recipes are from Ian Garten (who I like) but that was just a random thing that happened when I was picking the recipes. Until next time, Peace & Blessings, all!!!

Mar 12, 2021

Weekend Reads


     Happy Friday! I'm so glad that the weekend is here. Even though, I'm still unemployed, I'm always busy doing things during the week. Today is also the last Friday before we lose that hour of sleep. There are negatives & positives to the time change but it is what it is. Here are a few articles that I wanted to share today:

My plans for the weekend are finishing the books I have, doing some blog post, & going for walks outside since it's so nice out. I mean, you really can't beat 72 with no humidity right now. Peace & Blessings, all!!!

Mar 11, 2021


        Happy Thursday!! Better late than never I guess. I've been super busy, which is why I haven't posted earlier this week. What I have decided to start is if I don't post earlier in the week then I'm going to post a Weekend Reads post on Friday. Next week though, I already have the post scheduled so there will be Monday thur Thursday post up. Until then, here are some thoughts for this week:

        Tomorrow, I'll have some of the articles that I found interesting or enjoyed from this past week. Until then, Peace & Blessings all!!!

Mar 5, 2021

Weekend Reads

 Is anyone else glad that the weekend is here? I was originally going to post this last Friday but since I forgot to schedule it (oops), I'm going to post it today. Below are a few articles that I wanted to share today:

Some nail polishes to get you ready for Spring 2021

A few affirmations to try to help with sleeping better

An easy Cacio e Pepe (that means cheese & pepper) pasta recipe

Ways to connect when you are feeling lonely during the pandemic 

How eating too much Protein can be a bad thing

I'm going to try to post three to four times next week. We'll see if that happens. Have a great weekend. Peace & Blessings, everyone!!!

Mar 4, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday

      Happy first Thursday of March. Maybe I'm in a good mood because the weather has been so nice. I'm excited that spring is only a few weeks away because I'm over cold weather. Other than that, I had to record a few video interviews along with some other things. I'm slowly finishing my books (2 down, 7 to go). One of my weekend plans is to try to finish a chunk of that stack. Anywho, here are some quotes/thoughts for this week:

          Next well is going to the be last Thursday with quotes from my Billy Chapata books so, I'll be doing some new quotes from another source two weeks from now. Everyone have a good Thursday. Peace & Blessings, all!!!

Mar 3, 2021

March Goals 2021

     Happy March!!! With it being a new month, that means new goals.  One of these is a carry-over from February. I'm still working on the reading situation. I have a stack of books to read at this point. I'm going to post the books that I read since the beginning of 2021 in the next week or so. Also, the post that I did for last Friday I forgot to schedule. So, I'm posting that on this Friday. Below are the three main goals that I've set for myself in March:

Be More Consistent
     This is going to be my main goal for March. This is because I've been having an issue staying on top of blogging & reading (I guess you can put social media in there as well). I'm going to "try" to schedule all the post I have done for the blog. Posting on social media kinda gives me anxiety a bit so I'm going to try not to overthink it.

Up My Physical Activity
     At the end of February, actually the last week of that month I worked out five of the seven days that week. I'm going to try to do some form of physical activity four to five times a week. Whether that activity is walking for 30+ minutes or going to the gym for a hour or so. I do try to go walking outside one to two times a week just to get some sun & get fresh air.

Be More Positive
     I've been working on changing my mindset since January. I was in this funky headspace due to still being unemployed & some other things. Since mid-February, changing my mindset from a "why me" & trying not being negative has helped a lot. I'm going to use March to try to not complain as much & continue to see the positive out of all the situations that come my way.

Below is a quick update on my goals that I set for myself for February:

     On the sleep front, I've been getting more sleep. It's usually between six to seven hours at the moment. This month, I'm going to try to get seven to eight hours a night. I'm going to try drinking tea & some other methods to see if they will help be go to bed early. I wake up between 6:45 & 7:15 everyday regardless of what time I go to sleep. Cutting back on sugar has happened. Have not been eating as many candy, cakes, & pies. I've eaten a candy bar & some browines here & there though. Be more consistent did not happen. That is why I put it at the top for my March Goals. 

     Baby steps are what happening with some of the goals right now. Even though, this is going up later in the day, my posting it is a sign that I'm trying to be more consistent. I already have the next two days post scheduled. I'm going to use free time to work on content for the next week or so, read my books, & watch Discovery+ (I've fallen down that rabbit hole of some of the stations on there). Until then, Peace & blessings all!!!