Jun 30, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

This weeks thoughts are going to short since I am swapped with work/internship related work. Here are some thoughts for this week:

Everyone enjoy your last day of June!!!!

Jun 28, 2016

Fitness Tuesday

It's hard to believe that today is the last Tuesday of the month. Not going to lie, I have been slacking a bit on the working out but I'm getting back on the regular schedule (I usually do weight training at the  gym about 4 times a week outside Pilates and Yoga) in a couple of days. 
Here are some exercises/circuits to try from Pinterest:

I added this so that everyone can see the benefits of doing both Yoga and Pilates:

Everyone have a great positive and productive day!!!

Jun 27, 2016

July 4th Drinks

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. At this point, I really don't get weekends between my regular job, my internship and my new job doing some social media marketing I have been busy.

For my new job at the Lilly Store here in my town The Pink Pelican (shameless plug there), I am going to be doing some blog post ranging from entertaining to lifestyle post plus some of their other social media. One of my task is to come up with some drinks for the upcoming holiday. I have a bunch of idea but here some that I really am considering making:

Blueberry-Mint Lemonade
One of the reasons I like a lot of Martha Stewart's drink recipes are that most of them are good with and without alcohol. 

Lincoln Club Cooler
This is simple to make for a party or just for a easy drink after a long day.

Refreshing Cherry Lemonade
This does not have alcohol in it but you can probably add some flavored vodka or rum. I would use a cherry or another festive fruit (like blueberries maybe) as a garnish.

Blueberry Basil Margarita
For those who want to try a different take on a regular margarita.

Most of these involve fruit are not that hard to make. That combination makes for a great drink regardless of the holiday. 

Does anyone have any ideas for some other drinks for July 4th?

Jun 24, 2016

Weekend Reads

I hope everyone has had a good week. Busy over in these parts as usual. Actually had time to read some articles this week. Here are some of the ones that I recommend:

If you're looking to get more protein in you breakfast

Now I know it is sometimes better to just eat a doughnut

Learn what toxic items to steer clear of in beauty products

For all of those who have wanderlust 

And if you are down for a interesting task :

Try this challenge if you're looking to try something different this summer (after July 4th of course).

It's hard to believe that it is finally summer and the last Friday of June.
Have a great Friday and a happy weekend!!!

Jun 23, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

Happy Summer!!!! This has definitely been one of those weeks. Between trying to deal with some situations with the best attitude possible and the shelf in my closet completely breaking on me at 2:30 in the morning let's just say I am ready for the weekend.
Here are some thoughts for this first Thursday of the summer season:

Everyone have a great Thursday!!!

Jun 22, 2016

Cheddar Bacon Mushroom and Spinach Quiche

A while ago (I think it was Memorial Day week which was over almost a month ago I made these for breakfast/brunch. I usually use a recipe I have and try different variations on it.

 In this variation, I used the puff pastry cup instead of the sheets or making a crust myself. Also, I ended up running out of cup so I did some crustless ones as well.

3 eggs
2 cups of spinach, frozen
1 cup mushrooms, fresh
13 slices microwavable bacon
1 1/2 cups cheddar cheese
Onion powder
Garlic powder
Black pepper
1 box puff pastry cups

1. Preheat oven to 400. Break pastry cup apart and place on baking sheet. Cook for 10-13 minutes. Take out oven. Sit aside to cool. 
2. Microwave bacon slices for 2 minutes or until crispy.
3. Chop the mushroom with a smart chopper or by hand. Sit aside.
4. When bacon is done cooking chop and sit aside.
5. Microwave mushroom and spinach for 6 minutes. Drain water.
6. Mix together the bacon, spinach, mushrooms, with the 3 eggs, spices, and 1 cup cheese.
7. Stir will until all are mixed. 
8. Place a spoon full in each cup. Use rest of mixture in greased mini muffin tin. 
9. Sprinkle cheese on all the quiche before baking.
10. Bake the cup again for 8 more minutes until cheese is melted. Cook the crustless ones for 20 or until they look done.

Here are the final results:
After asking everyone's opinion they all said that they like the crustless ones the best. Guessing because there was more filing since there was no crust.

I will be back with another recipe next week. Have a great Wednesday and try not to melt in the heat.

Jun 21, 2016

Fitness Tuesday

Lately, I have been slacking in some areas in my life more than others. The blog is under the definite slack column. Between my internship and two jobs (hopefully down to one again in the next few weeks) I have been super busy.Amazingly enough the only things that haven't been neglected is my twice a day yoga and meditation routine I have gotten into along with my running again and Pilates. Other than that I have tried some new snacks for after my workout. 

I bought these bars called That's It fruit bars. 

These are the 2 flavors that I have tried. At first I was somewhat apprehensive to try them. After I tried the apple and blueberry one I have eaten these way more than one person should. There is a fair amount of sugar in them which makes since due to the sugar from the fruit. 

They are easy to carry and chew. I want to try some of the other items the sell also:


These bites are not out in stores yet but I can't wait to try them.

Most likely what I am going to do is just buy the variety pack and give away the ones I can't eat i.e the coconut.

Has anyone else tried these before? If so, what did you think?

This is my opinion. I did not receive any compensation for my opinion in any way.

Jun 16, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

I've been so busy this week that surprise that I haven't had time to post. Believe me, I definitely have some food and drink post photos already done. The getting around to writing the post is the tough part at the moment. Here are some thoughts for this week:

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!!!

Jun 13, 2016

New Products

Anyone who has been reading long enough will realize that I will try anything once when it comes to food and drinks. Whenever something new comes out, I have to try it. I guess that is the early adapter in me (look, I actually did remember something from the marketing classes I took). Here are some of the new products that I have tried over the last month:

Something Natural

One night I was walking around TJMaxx with my boyfriend and somehow ended up on the food/drink aisle (shocker).This water reminds me of Clearly Canadian a bit. For those who don't remember it: it was a flavored water made in the 90's that came in a blue bottle just like this. It tasted similar also. I have tried the Pink Grapefruit and the Strawberry Peach. They would be great mixers for some summer drinks.




Random story here but when I first tried these, the one Kroger near my house had them priced wrong. I found later that they were suppose to be $1.00 for one but since they were brand new they weren't in the system yet. I ended up paying $1.00 for 4 instead of $1.00 for 1. I have tried both these flavors and I honestly like the black cherry dragonfruit best of the 2. Also, that flavor mixes really well with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The lemon lime one taste like seltzer water to me a bit.

Pepperidge Farms Puff Pastry Cup


Usually if I use puffy pastry for anything, I buy the sheets. I was making some Bacon Spinach quiche (which will be on the blog this week) and decided to try these instead of the regular sheets. I like how you can ration out exactly how much you want to put in each up. These are great for entertaining purpose as well if you aren't in the mood to cut the sheets. The only thing I would recommend is to make sure to break them apart before you bake them. I made the mistake to not do that and had to cut them after the fact.

Has anyone else tried some new foods or drinks that they have tried recently?

The review of these products are mine and mine alone. I was not conperstated in anyway for my opinion. 

Jun 10, 2016

End of week reads

Happy Friday!!! This week seemed to go by super quick. Maybe its because summer is getting closer.  I did work on some content for my little space here (which I will begin to post next week). Here are some articles to check out if you get time this weekend:

Everyone loves a good summer punch

Learn the differences between a vitamin and supplement

You may want to to rethink that sports drink before your exercise

Simple Pasta recipes for the warmer months

Why this summer may be a great time to travel

Everyone have a great weekend!!!

Jun 9, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

This week has been a tad bit crazy. Partly it's due to me trying to remember what day of the week it is (you have to love Monday holidays and birthdays). I am trying to get back in the swing of things and stop slacking. In the mist of all of that I did receive some exciting news, which I will share once I see how it works out. Here are some thoughts for you this week to reflect how I have been feeling a bit lately:

Jun 7, 2016

Fitness Tuesday

Hi all!!! I have been super lazy the last couple of days since I was off work for 5 days (including my birthday on Sunday). I did have something good happen to me yesterday but I am not going to jinx it by saying anything about it yet. Here are some exercises for y'all today:

Jun 3, 2016

End of Week Reads

Happy Friday!!! This Friday is a little different for me because it it my last Friday as a 33 year old. My birthday is this weekend which is going to be interesting since it is suppose to rain all weekend here. If anyone of you have time here are some articles that I liked from the previous week:

 sidenote: I have stopped eating 19 of the items on the list (can't give up the iced coffee, bacon, or beer/drinks). 

Everyone have a great weekend and try to stay dry if you are in the South.

Jun 2, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

Happy Thursday and June all!!! This is going to be a short post today but I do have some new post for next week all ready. Yay for new post!!! Until then here are some thoughts for today: