Apr 4, 2016

Margarita Lime Chili's Bold Skillet Sauce

With the weather getting warmer, I am trying to get back into cooking/baking/ making drinks again. A while ago, I did a post about the Citrus Mango Chili's Bold Skillet sauce from Chili's Sauces at Home that I bought. Recently, I finally made the other one that I bought: 

All of the sauces are fairly easy to cook (even for those non-cookers out there). All you do is cook the meat, add the sauce to the skillet, and let it shimmer for a few minutes. 

The end result was this.

The chicken was placed a top of  a wild rice blend. I like using wild rice because it tends to have more flavor than regular white or brown.
Between the two, I think I like the Margarita Lime better than the Citrus Mango. In the Citrus Mango, it was an interesting blend of both flavors. With the Margarita Lime, I definitely tasted more of the Margarita flavor then the lime. I think the Margarita flavor went better with the rice then the Citrus.

I would suggest if anyone tries them to use the sauces in fajitas. Both of them might test better with peppers, onions and some other items mixed with it. Has anyone else tried these yet???

This is my opinion of the product.

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