Feb 27, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday

     Thursday is here, meaning that this week is almost over. Even though I am still unemployed, I am always running around doing things for other people. I end up not finishing the things I need to do for myself like writing more on the blog. Keeping up my motivation is something I am dealing with at the moment. Here are some motivation quotes for today:

Today I am going to work on my post for next week (hard to believe it is going to be March), finish my Reiki course finally & some other things things I have been putting off for the last few weeks. Peace & Blessings, all & have a great Thursday!!!

Feb 25, 2020

Fitness Tuesday: Why you should try Breathwork

     Happy Tuesday!! Hard to believe that it is the last Tuesday of Black History Month, February, & Fat Tuesday also. Already decided what I am giving up for Lent & what I am picking up as well. Will go into that next Tuesday since it is wellness related. Besides that, I went to my first Pilates class in about 3 years yesterday. It did wonders for my neck & back. For the first time in a long time, I went through all day Monday with no neck, back, or shoulder pain. 

Today I wanted to talk about Breathwork. One of the things that I love about the beginning of the year is seeing all the new trends & ideas that are coming out of the health & wellness space. I did Breathwork around when I started mediating regularly, after my car accident in Fall of 2016. However, I fell off some reason. Most do Breathwork while they are mediating, which is how I was doing it. Now, many are doing it by itself, which is useful during a work day or a stressful time when you can not meditate. Here are a few reason from mindbodygreen why you should try adding Breathwork to your day:

Helps with stress & anxiety
Doing repeated sessions of Breathwork have been found to lower levels of the cortisol, the stress hormone. Having high level can cause chronic inflammation. Controlling your breathing in a stressful situation can help tell your body relax, reducing the release of cortisol.

Aid in lowering blood pressure
Practicing breathwork to music for  around 10 minutes a day can reduce blood pressure. It has been found that in people with hypertension after practicing slow, deep breathing there was a drop in their blood pressure. 

Reduce symptoms of depression
Pairing breathwork with other stress reducers can help in reducing the symptoms of depression. People who engaged in breathwork & yoga together for 12 weeks saw a decline in depressive symptoms. A study done found the breathing-based meditation eased severe depression in some people. It also helps with boosting ones mood by reducing the part of the brain that controls the fight or flight response. 

Make focus sharper
Practicing breathwork in a regulated way can help with the amount of noradrenaline, a natural chemical messenger that affects attention and certain emotions, in our brain and ultimately enhance focus.

Help with pain management
Breathwork through slow deep breathing has been found to help reduce the perception of chronic pain, helping them better cope with physical discomfort. It can also help alleviate back pain by breathing through your diaphragm, creating blood flow and movement in that 
back & spine.

If you would like to learn more on Breathwork here are some articles & books to read:


Feb 20, 2020

Thought Thursday

     Happy Thursday!! This week my schedule went down the tubes. Since I have been without a job, I did set a certain time to get up & at least get some task done. Well... this week none of that happened. I am trying to create some structure in my life again. I feel like it has gone on a tailspin the last few weeks.

I have still been going & working out (going to start doing 4 days of weight & 2 days of yoga or pilates a week). Also, I have not getting good sleep AT ALL!! The mattress I sleep on is firm (that is what happens when you let the fiance' pick the mattress). So, next week with Lent starting I am going to do what I do every year which is give up something. Usually, it has been food related but this year I may do something nutrition related & something that affects others. I do pick up a new, positive habit as well. 

I am going to share those next week. Plus, I will be posting some of the other topics that I have been working on. Until then, the quotes about this week have to do with having & finding balance in your life. 

With always being busy & on the go all the time, I think we all forget that we have to take time to look at our "self care". Many of us wear different hats in our professional & personal life. All of us need to take some time for ourselves today to do something that brings you joy in your life. 

Peace & Blessings all & have a great Thursday.

Feb 14, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday: Friday Edition

   Happy Valentine's Day!! So, I usually do not post on Fridays regularly at the moment but I decided to today. Mainly, because I was so busy yesterday that I just got time to post this. Kind of fitting with it being Valentine's Day & all. Even though I am in a relationship, I have my own opinions on  Valentine's Day: I think that it is a little overrated. Another story for another time though. Here are some thoughts about love for today:

 Peace & Blessings all, Have a great Friday & Valentine's Day!!

Feb 12, 2020

Tropeaka Review

     Happy Wednesday!!! Lately, I have been taking a few supplements outside of the pill ones that I take. My sorority sister (weird to think that I have known her for 15 years now) who lives in Maryland posted about Tropeaka on IG. Of course, anyone who knows me knows that I am all about trying new things.

Tropeaka is located out of Sydney, Australia so when you order from the US, you will have to wait about 10-14 days. Mine took longer than that. I had ordered my product before the wildfires in Australia. I ended up getting mine closer to 3 weeks. Right now I still use my Vital Proteins collagen peptides, Tropeaka, & FNX (which I am a brand ambassador for). Here are four of the products that I have tried so far with information & my review on them.

This infusion tea uses a combination of herbs to help with better sleep. The blend contains organic Chamomile, organic Lemon Balm, organic Passionflower, organic Lavender, organic Scullcap Root, organic Rose Petal, Orange Peel. I usually will drink this about 2-3 hours before bed so I will not be getting up going to the bathroom during the night. Since this tea is loose, I put it in my tea ball one of my friends bought me to use for loose tea. 
Acai contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C, E, manganese, copper and magnesium. These vitamins assist the body in staying healthy and provide a powerful source of energy metabolism to power through your daily activities. It supports a healthy body and is known for its vitality and nutrient-dense qualities. Also is a natural pick-me-up for a quick energy boost!
Lean Protein: Vanilla
This protein is easily digestible &  non-bloating. It is sweetened with high-quality natural vanilla beans. It uses organic ingredients including protein from Golden yellow peas, Herb & Spice blend, & Maca Powder.  It also has with sprouted activated brown rice, organic Sacha Inchi which is a wholefood protein full of minerals & omega 3,6, 9, Monk Fruit, Natural Vanilla Bean, & Green Tea Extract.
Goji Berry
This powder uses organic Goji Berries. It is low in calories, low in fat, and high in antioxidants.  Gogi Berries are considered a "Superfood". They have trace minerals, vitamins, & phytonutrients.

My opinion is that the protein is easy to mix. You just add it in cold water. Now the Acai & Goji Berry are a different story. I was mixing both of those in cold water & they both were leaving clumps (like alot) in the mixture. Now, I end up heating my water first then adding them one at a time. This is the best way to mix the Goji Berry 100%. The Acai still has clump but not as many. The important thing is to use a fork for the mixing as well. 

This brand is great for may diet types since it is dairy, soy and gluten, which means that vegans and vegetarians can use it. I would suggest trying Tropeaka if you are looking to add some supplements into your daily routine. Peace & Blessings, all have a great Wednesday!!

Feb 6, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday

Happy Thursday!!! This is going to be short since I am behind on life at this point. I have a bunch of things that I have to catch up on but here are some thoughts for this Thursday:

Peace & Blessings everyone. Have a great Thursday!!!

Feb 5, 2020

What is Intuitive Eating?

     Today, I wanted to talk about Intuitive Eating. The term was created in 1995 by two registered dietitians (RD for short), Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch.  According to Health magazine, intuitive eating means breaking free from the on-and-off cycle of dieting and learning to eat mindfully and without guilt. You do not calorie count or remove certain foods from your diet but, there are 10 basic rules to follow.

1. Reject the diet mentality
First, one has to get rid of all the books and magazine articles that promise fast weight loss. You have to let go of rejecting meal plans that dictate what or how much you can eat. You make decisions about what foods to eat, when, and how much must be dictated by internal cues rather than external cues.
2. Honor your hunger
Instead of counting calories, pay attention to what your body’s hunger cues are. Your body will be able to determine if it is actual hunger for food or another type of hunger. 
3. Make peace with food
By dropping the "good" & "bad" labels associated with food, you learn to give yourself “unconditional permission to eat.” In the article A Beginner's Guide to Intuitive Eating, some find seeing a professional helps them under why certain foods are "off limits".
4. Challenge the food police
The “food police” can be the voices in your head that tell you it is good to eat fewer calories and it’s bad to eat dessert. This can also be real people including friends, family, and acquaintances who offer up judgment, advice about what and how you’re eating. Most of us have been following these dieting rules again and again, trying to not make yourself feel guilty for not following them to a T.
5. Respect your fullness
Remember to eat when you’re hungry, but also important to stop when those hunger cues are no longer present.  Are you still eating because of your hunger, eating out of distraction, boredom, or stress?   Listen to your body. The body can tell easier when it is hungry than full.
6. Discover the satisfaction factor
This principal is about getting satisfaction from noticing and appreciating the taste and texture of food, but also the environment in which you are eating. The motivation behind the food choices made should be looked at as well.
7. Honor your feelings without using food
It is important to get to the root of why food is a coping mechanism. There needs to be a way to nurture yourself and resolve issues without turning to food. People often overeat because of anxiety, loneliness, boredom, anger, or stress. Being mindful with your food and emotions can help with any issues.
8. Respect your body
This is about body acceptance. One has to learn to feel good about your body. Once self-acceptance happens, you start to not strive for unrealistic expectations.
9. Exercise: Feel the difference
You don’t have to go to the gym every day while intuitive eating approach. It is important to move your body on a regular basis. The creators of intuitive eating wants it to “ not about finding the exercise that burns the most calories or the most fat,” says Tribole. “It is about finding something that’s sustainable and that you enjoy.” It is been shown that exercise does boost ones mood, strengthen the heart and cardiovascular system, and increase lean muscle mass.
10. Honor your health with gentle nutrition
Despite the fact that intuitive eating preaches an “eat what you want” mentality, that doesn’t mean its founders don’t care about good nutrition. Making smart food choices that honor your health and is well-balanced. Eating “intuitively” should still involve more fruits and veggies than candy & cookies.

One article said that the critics of intuitive eating warn that if we all started to eat whatever we wanted when we wanted, we would lose all form of self-control and nutrition principles would fly out the window. Certain people should not partake in intuitive eating such as those with recovering from eating disorders. 

I see the benefits of intuitive eating in that you eat pretty much when you feel hunger. I know this type of eating will not work for some people since they eat a certain amount of snack & meals a day for training purpose or other reasons. If you are able to try it, I suggest doing it for at least two weeks to see how you feel. 

That's it for today. Peace & Blessings, all. Have a great Wednesday.