Feb 20, 2020

Thought Thursday

     Happy Thursday!! This week my schedule went down the tubes. Since I have been without a job, I did set a certain time to get up & at least get some task done. Well... this week none of that happened. I am trying to create some structure in my life again. I feel like it has gone on a tailspin the last few weeks.

I have still been going & working out (going to start doing 4 days of weight & 2 days of yoga or pilates a week). Also, I have not getting good sleep AT ALL!! The mattress I sleep on is firm (that is what happens when you let the fiance' pick the mattress). So, next week with Lent starting I am going to do what I do every year which is give up something. Usually, it has been food related but this year I may do something nutrition related & something that affects others. I do pick up a new, positive habit as well. 

I am going to share those next week. Plus, I will be posting some of the other topics that I have been working on. Until then, the quotes about this week have to do with having & finding balance in your life. 

With always being busy & on the go all the time, I think we all forget that we have to take time to look at our "self care". Many of us wear different hats in our professional & personal life. All of us need to take some time for ourselves today to do something that brings you joy in your life. 

Peace & Blessings all & have a great Thursday.

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