Sep 26, 2011

I have come to a decision

I have decided to change the way I write my blog. Not like anyone is reading it anyway but I think I am going to do more of the stuff that interest me which at this point those things are music, food, entertaining, and just having a good time (I like being social can't help my social life has suffered greatly since moving). Until then Laters....

Aug 14, 2011

Random Post!!!!!

Random comment of the day (even thought the day is about to be over on the East Coast): H & M kinda has a real website now. I might be the only person out there excited about that. It's not really a full-site because you can't buy anything on it :( But I guess that means I am going to the Atl at some point.

The thing I am actually most excited about/sadly addicted to on the site is the dressing room. They have were you can pack you own model and change the background and all that jazz. It's great to see what the clothes will look like on an actually person. Even though I'm not a size 2 or 4 I am about the same height as some of them so I can at least see what the clothing will not be to small unlike forever21 (which they have cute clothes, but if you have any kind of curves whatsoever you can forget about it).

So, that is the random comment of the day. Now back to listening to my 70s rock on my Pandora and checking my profile on an online dating site..... The story will come later about that but let's say my friend LMR can pretty much talk me into anything and at 29 that is a sad thing. There are some pretty normal guys are there and some that are kinda interesting. Anywho


Aug 8, 2011


Things have been super crazy for the last few weeks. Over the next few weeks though I'll write about all the craziness that has been happening including:a new puppy, celebrating a cat's birth day, an interesting night on the town, even more interesting experiences (yes, I said and that will definitely be a few post just about that), me making the 4 hour drive to get my car back (YEA!!!!!!), and some more interesting/random things that have happened. Plus, since school is starting back (first time I am not going to school in the last 8 years and I am not sad at all) I am going to share some of my college experience and stories. Some, A few of the stories are really funny but that's because they did not happen to me and some of the ones that did happen to me are funny now. At the time they were not by any means but now I can laugh at them.

I start my new job today. I guess it's my first post college job. At least I will not be laying around watching One Life to Live trying to figure out who the real Todd Manning is. The fact that I know that means that I have been spending too much time on the couch.

Until tomorrow. Oh, and I want to say congratulations to one of my besties MK who is starting her teaching workshops today.

She is going to be an Art Teacher for kids in K to 8th grade and I'm excited for her. She's freaking out a tiny bit. She'll be fine. It will be an experience to say the least.

Jul 15, 2011

Things are going to start getting interesting

I was going to write about the tv shows that I am going to watch during this summer (Dance Moms, Sweet Home Alabama, Big Rich Texas, Giuliana and Bill just to name a few) but I decided that every week I am going to write on what we are calling operation: get me a dating.

My roommate/one of my besties has come up with the great idea that me, one of our friends, and one of the girls that she works with (who I still think is not going to be down because she said not happening twice already) should go speed dating.

This is going to be interesting for many reason:
  • First: my friend who is the mastermind behind this operation has a boyfriend (even though those words have never come out of his mouth, I guess it's just assumed at this point).
  • Second: I am just doing this to shut her up. Part of why I moved her was to that main reason. I could be sitting in Florence right now with guys who want to hangout with me. Ok, they are in the age range I am suppose to stay away from but at least I would have options.
  • Third: I really do believe that this is purely for her entertainment teven though she says its not. If I had a boyfriend and a bunch of single friend going speed dating , I would totally go just for the comedic aspects of it. We all know we would do the same
And we are not even including the fact that I enjoy asking guys random questions to see how they react them. I have done it to guys my friends like and dislike on many occasions. It's extremely funny depending on what you ask. With that being said, every week I am going to update who is reading on my friend's quest to find me a man. Its going to be like a bad sitcom because we have total opposite taste in men.

There will pictures from these escapades, so here's to whatever I'm going to call these post. I'll come up with something

Jul 8, 2011

Lucky Me

The Fourth of July weekend was literally the weekend from Hell.  Let's start:
On Friday I somehow ended up planning a birthday party for my roommate's friend. Then we went out knowing we were leaving for Florence at 7:30 in the a.m. Bad Idea!!!! Shot rooms are not anyones' friend.

Saturday morning did not leave at 7:30 but at almost 6:00 IN THE EVENING. Some of us (in particular me and my roommate's boyfriend) had too much fun and definitely paid for it most of Saturday. We however did get to Florence at 11:45 that night. I went to bed but, they went to the birthday party of one of his best friend's from college. Random comment but it would take my friend moving to Montgomery to end up dating not only a guy from North Alabama but a guy who went to the same college as we did.

Sunday I spent about 3 hours trying to get my car running (which did not happen). That what Saturday was for but we were out of commission for most of that day so there were no auto shops open on Sunday. After we left Florence we went to the Atl to get her mom who was flying in from Germany at 11:59 that night. We got to Atlanta around 7:30 after eating we decided to go see her best from high school who lives there. Let's just say that it was an experience that the two of us had.

Late Monday morning we left to go to Cullman to get her dog, some backyard stuff, and take her mom home. Clearly this trip did not go as planned and I knew it was going to continue being bad news bears but my roommate is a planner and did not want to listen to me. We got to her house and went into get her dog. Long story short, I went upstairs to take a nap and during that time her dog died. She was a hot mess for like a couple of days after that.

So, I have been trying to get sleep back and recover from those 4 days. I literally have the worse luck ever. Plus, I called to see how much it was going to take to fix my car. Its going to be about $610 since they have to take out the computer, reprogram it, then put it back in the car.  I dislike my car at the moment and I need a vacation at this point.


Jun 28, 2011

Lazy Days.....

Since the last time I posted I moved to Montgomery. And I am literally so bored I don't know what to do with myself. I think Florence had it out for me and did not want me to leave since I did not leave there until 9pm and did not get here until 2:15 Thursday morning (oh, thanks Birmingham for all the 11pm road work).

I have been here for almost two weeks now looking for jobs. It is a kinda long story behind it. In the last 2 weeks I think that I have watched so much television I have no idea what I am going to do with myself. Right now I am watching Wimbledon then the CWS later. I definitely do not think it is normal to spend about 6 days watching sports.

I need a job ASAP!!! I literally think my mind is turning to putty watching some of the ridiculous stuff (Secret Life of the American Teenager in particular) I have been watching. There is this book I have been reading called Don't You Know Much About American History by Kenneth C. Davis which is pretty interesting.  However, the bad television is out weighting the book at the moment.

Jun 3, 2011

It's official

So, kinda went in hiding there for a bit. Actually, I am trying not to hurt myself in my apartment  because I am moving. After two degress and nine and half years I am officially leaving Florence. Sad: kind of, somewhat. It's time to move on and get out of North Alabama in my personal opinion. Anywho, since I do not have cable or internet (due to moving) I have been walking to the school library. Can I just say it is too hot for words (96 with a 105 heat index does not scream fun at all).

In the process of me telling everyone that I am leaving people i.e. boys decided that they want to share their feeling about me with me. I really do not know how I feel about some of the things that have been said to me so far by them. I guess when someone moves people try to layout it out there even if the person really does not want to hear it. Other than that, I am just watching more DVD on tv.

Since the last post I have watched
  • the whole series of My So-Called Life
  • seasons 1-4 of One Tree Hill (for got what a good show it was until they decided to do the fast forward 5 years nonsense)
  • still trying to make it through Dawson's Creek, which I do not see happening anytime soon still
Now back to packing/watching more One Tree Hill


May 25, 2011

Why me!!!!!!

I really do think I literally have the worst luck ever. There are honestly days that I wonder if God likes me or not (I know that is me being way dramatic). I have been having to listen to my friends stupid guy problems for the past few days and if I wrote about some of them you would think they were kinda stupid too. They are the usual "playing game with boys, not actually like a guy but letting him take you dinner even though you really are not into him" type of situations and the others are so stupid, no dumb, in actuality they are extremely ridiculous I will not even mention here.

I have an actual big problem (actually, a few BIG problems) that I am having to deal with at this very moment. Hopefully everything works out but considering it is me and with the type of luck I have there is a good chance I will have the same luck I always have with situations.

I have problems that are not guy related ( for once). There are definitely guy problems but I really am in a guy dry-spell which I am fine with at this moment. If I ever told the stories about some of the guys I know/had in my life on here about 75% would laugh and the other 25% would think I made the stories up because those type of things would never happen to a person unless you are me of course.

Now off to work. Which I might add I need another job asap or a roommate. Actually both would be awesome right now.

May 22, 2011

Lazy Days

The whole productive kick I was on worked a tiny bit. I did do all the easy stuff but there is still a pile of Vogues and T&C magazines laying on my floor.  I did decide to not stress out about all the stuff that is happening in my life (all of it is somewhat major).

I have been pretty much hanging out. Friday I went to a painting social downtown that one of my friends is over. My painting was horrible but everyone agreed that the color was really good. I had fun painting it. The pictures was suppose to be of Lilypads and water. Mine look more like rocks and water. 
(I'll post a picture of it later)

Then I went to a "End of the World" party that some of my friends decided to throw. I think the purpose was to freak out our friend who was home in Birmingham (in which case they succeeded). He was having a come apart thinking that it was actually ending. Other than that, just hanging in Florence (which is super boring right now because everyone is gone home because school is over) and trying to be productive.


May 18, 2011

Here's to Spring

Is it bad that I feel like I am already wasting my summer away and school has only been out for a week. It literally feels like mid-June to me and I have no idea why I seems like summer is almost over. In actuality it is still Spring but we always say "It"s SUMMERTIME because school is out unless you are one of the unfortunate people taking summer classes. I did take classes one summer and it killed my GPA (still trying to figure out how I passed that math class considering no one understood half of what the teacher was saying).

I decided last night, actually yesterday afternoon while watching 12 hours of  FNL (which I am officially addicted to and have watched both season one and two in the last three days) and thought that hey, I should try to be a little productive this summer. So, I have started looking for adult jobs not in Alabama, which is a big step for me considering my one friend is trying to get me to move to Montgomery where she is and the other one is still "not so secretly" trying to get me to move to Birmingham. Truth be told, both sound more appealing than moving back to Huntsville.

So, I guess I am going to kick this whole produtivity thing in to gear by cleaning desk one off and work my way around to two. Maybe I'll even finally go through all my old Vogues and Town & Country magazine and get rid of them. Definitely getting ambitious with the whole finally throwing away the magazines there. Here I go then into my semi-productive summer....maybe....not sure how long its going to last.

I think I am probably going to finish watching The Great Gatsby then to my productive summer. Actually, I  maybe take a nap then productity here I come......

May 16, 2011

The Return

I have definitely been M.I.A from blogging for a bit.  School is over again, meaning I have my second degree officially. YEA!!!! Now if the job fairy would drop a job in my lap that would be amazing.

Now to figure out what to do with my summer. All I know is that I need a road trip in my near future (a beach with a fruity drink would be would probably do the trick). But so far all I have done is watch TV on DVD. I literally have watched the first three chapters of Greek, the first season of Friday Night Lights (which is my new favorite show now) and the first two seasons of Laguna Beach. Which will get me on my rant of the day: why is that when you get older, people still act like they are in high school.

I mean, I was watching season one (the best season, in my personal opinion) of Laguna and I was sitting there thinking two things: first- how did I ever get through watching this the first time around and second-people still act the way they were acting at 16-17 now in there 20s. We are suppose to grow up and mature and all that jazz but in actuality that is not the case most of the time.

There are people I know that are in their twenties that act like they are in high school and vice versa.  I guess I didn't lose all my brain cells watching Laguna.

May 2, 2011

Is it here yet?

I have an International Business presentation this week on Thursday (which is not only Cinco de Mayo but dead day at my school). I have been putting it off like any self-admitting slacker does by talking to MKM for almost an hour, going to get chili cheese tots and corn dogs with DR at Sonic and writing this. My part is only 3-5 pages which, I will be able to write in an hour and a half/two hours tops when I finally decide to focus on it. One thing that I learned from being a communications major was how to spin something out of nothing.

While I was putting off writing my advertising/ marketing plan for my presentation I made a pie.  I found the recipe in one of my Southern Living cookbooks (would I be a girl raised in Alabama if I did not at least have one). It was an easy cookie pie. I usually take recipes and change them to my liking so I did not use the type of cookies that the said. I made one for my friend SCH with the new Chips Ahoy White Chunk cookies. It ended up being really delish. The one I made myself has Soft Batch cookies in it.

It still turned out ok but wished they had the Rainbow Chips Deluxe cookies in store. They were sold out and I was not happy. Guess I should go be productive and write this plan. School work, here I come!!!


Apr 28, 2011

The Day After

I am writing this from my cellphone because my Internet is down from the storms yesterday. I got up at 4:15 and went down to my friend's apartment because the sirens were going off and Lion alert, which is my school's warning system that sends out weather and school information started texting everyone.

We ended up just having with trees downs and heavy rain and winds. We were really lucky. Most of the people I know in Huntsville, where I am from are without power. I know they told one of my friend who lives in Harvest that they could be without power for up to 3 days. They are also on a curfew that is being enforced right now.

We should all pray for all the people who lost their homes & know people who lost their lives. It is going to take a while for things to get back to normal.


Apr 26, 2011

Here we go.......

I have been thinking about writing a blog for a while now. Everyone who knows me knows that I feel that the Internet is going to be the death of traditional media and I am somewhat bitter about it. Case in point, the last typewriter in the world closing. Print is becoming nonexistent which is really sad. Back on the subject at hand though which is me deciding to start this blog.  I decided to give in and jump on the blogging bandwagon because I have to accept that everything is online now. I mean when people who are years older than me can accept this fact of life, I finally realized I needed to accept it too.  So, I have been reading a few blogs for a while and I decided why not give it a go.

I should tell you about myself. Two things that is evident is that first off I am extremely random. All my friends know they can count on me for knowing the most random things. I sometime think I should go on jeopardy because of all the ridiculous things I know.  Second, I usually go off track with my thoughts. I can literally have 5 conversations at a time and no one else will know what is going on or what I am talking about but me.

There is not really that much to tell. I was grew up in the Heart of Dixie. I went to college and joined a sorority. Many of my best friends were in the same sorority. I still live in the town that I went to college in. Two degrees and almost 10 years later here I am. I will pretty much be writing about anything and everything. This includes how I chose the name of my blog, which I should thank my old roommate/one of my best friends for.