May 25, 2011

Why me!!!!!!

I really do think I literally have the worst luck ever. There are honestly days that I wonder if God likes me or not (I know that is me being way dramatic). I have been having to listen to my friends stupid guy problems for the past few days and if I wrote about some of them you would think they were kinda stupid too. They are the usual "playing game with boys, not actually like a guy but letting him take you dinner even though you really are not into him" type of situations and the others are so stupid, no dumb, in actuality they are extremely ridiculous I will not even mention here.

I have an actual big problem (actually, a few BIG problems) that I am having to deal with at this very moment. Hopefully everything works out but considering it is me and with the type of luck I have there is a good chance I will have the same luck I always have with situations.

I have problems that are not guy related ( for once). There are definitely guy problems but I really am in a guy dry-spell which I am fine with at this moment. If I ever told the stories about some of the guys I know/had in my life on here about 75% would laugh and the other 25% would think I made the stories up because those type of things would never happen to a person unless you are me of course.

Now off to work. Which I might add I need another job asap or a roommate. Actually both would be awesome right now.

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