May 22, 2011

Lazy Days

The whole productive kick I was on worked a tiny bit. I did do all the easy stuff but there is still a pile of Vogues and T&C magazines laying on my floor.  I did decide to not stress out about all the stuff that is happening in my life (all of it is somewhat major).

I have been pretty much hanging out. Friday I went to a painting social downtown that one of my friends is over. My painting was horrible but everyone agreed that the color was really good. I had fun painting it. The pictures was suppose to be of Lilypads and water. Mine look more like rocks and water. 
(I'll post a picture of it later)

Then I went to a "End of the World" party that some of my friends decided to throw. I think the purpose was to freak out our friend who was home in Birmingham (in which case they succeeded). He was having a come apart thinking that it was actually ending. Other than that, just hanging in Florence (which is super boring right now because everyone is gone home because school is over) and trying to be productive.


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