May 16, 2011

The Return

I have definitely been M.I.A from blogging for a bit.  School is over again, meaning I have my second degree officially. YEA!!!! Now if the job fairy would drop a job in my lap that would be amazing.

Now to figure out what to do with my summer. All I know is that I need a road trip in my near future (a beach with a fruity drink would be would probably do the trick). But so far all I have done is watch TV on DVD. I literally have watched the first three chapters of Greek, the first season of Friday Night Lights (which is my new favorite show now) and the first two seasons of Laguna Beach. Which will get me on my rant of the day: why is that when you get older, people still act like they are in high school.

I mean, I was watching season one (the best season, in my personal opinion) of Laguna and I was sitting there thinking two things: first- how did I ever get through watching this the first time around and second-people still act the way they were acting at 16-17 now in there 20s. We are suppose to grow up and mature and all that jazz but in actuality that is not the case most of the time.

There are people I know that are in their twenties that act like they are in high school and vice versa.  I guess I didn't lose all my brain cells watching Laguna.

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