May 18, 2011

Here's to Spring

Is it bad that I feel like I am already wasting my summer away and school has only been out for a week. It literally feels like mid-June to me and I have no idea why I seems like summer is almost over. In actuality it is still Spring but we always say "It"s SUMMERTIME because school is out unless you are one of the unfortunate people taking summer classes. I did take classes one summer and it killed my GPA (still trying to figure out how I passed that math class considering no one understood half of what the teacher was saying).

I decided last night, actually yesterday afternoon while watching 12 hours of  FNL (which I am officially addicted to and have watched both season one and two in the last three days) and thought that hey, I should try to be a little productive this summer. So, I have started looking for adult jobs not in Alabama, which is a big step for me considering my one friend is trying to get me to move to Montgomery where she is and the other one is still "not so secretly" trying to get me to move to Birmingham. Truth be told, both sound more appealing than moving back to Huntsville.

So, I guess I am going to kick this whole produtivity thing in to gear by cleaning desk one off and work my way around to two. Maybe I'll even finally go through all my old Vogues and Town & Country magazine and get rid of them. Definitely getting ambitious with the whole finally throwing away the magazines there. Here I go then into my semi-productive summer....maybe....not sure how long its going to last.

I think I am probably going to finish watching The Great Gatsby then to my productive summer. Actually, I  maybe take a nap then productity here I come......

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