Dec 4, 2014

A change is coming............

Hello all those in blog land,
     I really am the worse at blogging ever. I said it was time for a change and that is taking place in the next couple of weeks. The first thing that you will notice is that I changed the name of my blog to On The Dime. I think that is pretty accurate of how I have lived much of my young adult to somewhat "adult" life: On The Dime. I will be writing more about ways to save money in all aspect of life (which is what I have always done).
     I also made some changes in my life such as quitting one of my jobs....... It needed to be done a long time ago but I finally grew a pair and did it. Another thing that you will see more of on the blog also is healthy eating and exercise tips since I have developed high blood pressure because I have been so stressed out since I last wrote in August.

     I am excited about all the new changes that are going to take place and it is kind of fitting since the year is about to end. This year was an interesting one for me to say the least and this is the start of something new and I am stoked about it all.

Everyone have a great Thursday and until next time, Later.