Jan 28, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

Happy Thursday all!!! This week has been a little crazy with school and all. Here are some quotes for this week:

The last one said it all. Have a great day!!!!!

Jan 27, 2016

Panty Dropper Punch

Almost two weeks ago my friend Jonathan decided that he wanted to make that he saw on Pinterest called a Panty Dropper. He started telling me what was in it, which was not in any Panty Dropper I have ever drank. For anyone who was trying not to "gain weight" drinking the drink consist of either pink lemonade or regular lemonade Crystal Light, water, and Vodka. 

I guess one could say that this version of the Panty dropper is the big sister of the college version that I use to drink. Of course, I add some extra flavors in the punch (since that is what I do best)

6-4 can of Bud Light (we used 4)
1-750 ml bottle Citrus Skyy vodka
1- 8oz can Pink Lemonade, concentrated
1-8 oz Raspberry Lemonade, concentrated
1 mini Skyy wild strawberry vodka
1 mini Skyy blood orange vodka
1 mini Skyy pineapple vodka

1. Empty 4 cans of Bud Light into a large bowl (we used a punch bowl)
2. Add in the Pink Lemonade and Raspberry Lemonade. Stir.
3. As you are continuing to stir, slowly add in the vodka, one bottle at a time.

Once all of the ingredients are mixed will this is the end result is the picture above. The end verdict was that it was pretty delicious. We ended up drinking to punch bowls worth. One thing we would do differently is adding an extra can two as the originally recipe said to do. It gives the punch more fizz.

Anyone else tried any drink recipes from Pinterest recently???

Jan 26, 2016

Fitness Tuesday

Last Tuesday was kinda busy so I forgot to put up my post. Oops, I did it again...... Anywho, here are a couple of things fitness wise that I like at the moment:

V8 V-Fusion Pomegranate juice
I used about a shoot (since there is a good amount of sugar in it) of this in some of the smoothies I make in the morning. It gives it extra flavor if you use a berry besides blueberry.
Sidenote: tried the Carrot Mango one, which wasn't terrible but would definitely recommend not trying the Healthy Greens. I would describe the taste as an apple then it turns to bell pepper, which took me half the day to get the aftertaste to finally leave.

I hate to say it but beside workout clothing from Victoria's Secret, I am slightly addicted to workout shoes. I have the FreeTR 4 and am debating about getting a new pair. I think I might get the middle pair since I tend to lean towards black and at least it has some color and its not just all black and white. 
Usually I were these when I left weight but now I have started wearing them when I do Pilates on the reformer also. I helps save my hands from hurting the next day. I had to buy the men's because I have large hand and the women's wouldn't fit. Recently, bought a second pair since my others ones were getting a little torn up from basic wear and tear.

I bought a the white pair of these at my local Dillard's on sale for less than $30. This was a questionable purchase for me at first because I needed a pair of shoes for Pilates, since the bar on the machine hurts the arch of my feet. I would say that these were a great investment. They have enough cushion in them to where I can push off them on the machine and they are comfortable to stand and jump in.

Those were my main fitness buys for this month (besides all the exercise clothes I bought during the semi-annual sale). Did anyone else invest in some new fitness gear or items this month???

Jan 21, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

Happy Thursday!!!!
Going to keep it short today. Here are some quotes/thoughts for y'all:

Jan 20, 2016

Wellness Goals for 2016

One of the three major things I want to get under control this year besides my finances and physical health is my overall wellness.
 As I have gotten older, I have figured out that your mental health does play a big role in you physical health. I had numerous ups and down last year on both fronts.
Since I decided to take "the bull by the horns" so to speak on this year, here are some of the main issues that I am going to focus on either incorporating and taking a hold of:

Mediate/ I started doing this at the beginning of the year and it had helped A LOT!!! Usually, I try to do it twice a day: right when I wake up before I do anything and right before I go to bed to reflect on the day I had. Getting outside yourself and just being in silence where you can actually think about things for me personally, really helps me get greater insight on some of the things happening in my life at that time.

Controlling stress levels/ This is a BIG one for me. I tend to take on the stress of everyone that is around me. Some would say that I tend to feel others feelings more than others but it takes a major toll on me sometimes. More times than not, I end up stressing about my issues I have to deal with along with their. I have already taken steps to pull myself away from others stress and it seems to be working so far.

Stop trying to control everything around me/ This one goes along with the stress levels. I am the first to admit that I am kind of a control freak. As I have gotten older funny enough most have taken advantage of this because I want to do everything to make sure it's done right. I know I shouldn't be like this but if I ask someone to do something and it's not done in a timely manner, I just do it myself.
Like with everything else, I have had to stop trying to do everything which is harder said then done.

Relax/ If you haven't noticed already: I am a big ole' walking stress ball. I have always been a fun person but I am way more serious then everyone else I know. I think this stems from me having to be the adult/most responsible one in many of the situations. This probably goes way back to when I was Director of Standards and Ethics during my sorority days (my friends jokingly called me the cleaner because I cleaned up everyone mess they found themselves in). I have been trying to be more lighthearted and less stuffy lately.

Let Go/ For me letting go of the past is somewhat hard. I am extremely hard on myself when something happens or doesn't go the exact way I want it to go. I am working on just letting things fall the way and living in the moment. This is the same for relationships. I am learning that some friendships serve their purpose and then you have to move on from them, especially toxic ones. Holding onto something that was once great that has gone sour is never good for anyone involved.

There you have it: my wellness goals. This year I am all about trying to reflect and move forward, not regress backwards. Does anyone else have any Wellness goals for this year??

Jan 18, 2016

Nectar of the Vines Very Berry Raspberry Frappe'

I hope everyone had a good weekend. A while ago, my boyfriend's mom gave me some wine frappe' from Nectar of the Vines. The best way to describe it is  a "wine slush" of sorts. 

Here is the recipe:
2-quart pitcher mix
1-750 ml bottle of white wine (I used Chardonnay)
1-750 ml of water
1-10 oz package of Very Berry Raspberry
Stir well.
Freeze until frozen.
Thaw for 20 to 30 minutes or until desired consistency.

Here is the end result after you thaw it

Right now also, they are have an Martin Luther King Jr. event where can get 3 for $33, 5 for $50, and 12 for $100. This mix was great for just hanging out if you want to have an easy drink.
Happy Monday!!!

This is my personal opinion of the product. 

Jan 14, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

Happy Thursday!!! I planned on blogging more this week but school happened.  I have a few things lined up for the next couple of weeks including some post that you may actually see me in.  Until then, here some thoughts for today:

Have a great Thursday!!!1

Jan 11, 2016

Stuffed Chicken Recipes

Hello Monday!!!!I will openly admit that I am the worse about doing contact planning. Last week, was when I started back to class and I have been running around like a madwoman the last couple of days.
One of the things I am going to try to do this year is to make dishes I have never made before. Believe or not I have never made stuffed chicken breast or any stuffed meat before. One of my favorite magazines, Food & Wine (i.e. my dream job) has some great options for those wanting to venture out from the regular frying/baking/grilling of chicken:
Mushroom-Stuffed Five-Spice Chicken Breasts with Eggplant
 Salsa Stuffed Chicken Breasts
     Broccoli Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Cornbread Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Pizza Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Last night after watching Worse Cooks in America, I really wanted to make something stuffed. I'm not the biggest red meat eater (I usually eat it once or twice a month) so chicken is a great alternative. Has anyone else made stuffed chicken or have recommendations on what to fill it with.

Jan 7, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

Hi everyone and happy Thursday. School got back into full swing for me yesterday. With that here are some thoughts for today about success since that is definitely one of the things I want to be this year:

This week has been about getting back into a steady routine instead of hanging out and being I hate to admit it, kind of lazy. Hope everyone have a good and successful day!!!

Jan 5, 2016

Fitness Tuesday: workout clothes

Happy Tuesday!!! For the first Fitness Tuesday of 2016 I wanted to talk about one of my favorite type of clothing: Workout clothes. Maybe its'  the comfort factor but for the most part, I live in workout clothes when I'm not at work. 

As one of my 2016 "Goals" is to start working out on a regular basis, I decided to get rid of some of my old exercise clothes that I haven't worn in years. Since Victoria's Secret is having their semi-annual sale I decided to get some news gear. Here are some of the things that I bought:

All these are still in stock except the Knockout bras. I love them because they have regular bra support but with a sports bra look. Another thing about these is the price: everything piece is between $12.99-$19.99 when they are regularly $36-$65 except the shorts which are 2 for $49 (unless you get a certain color which then they are $19.99). If you are as obsessed with workout clothes as I am then I would highly suggest getting to the sale before it ends.

Also, I have been trying to find some shoes that I can wear while doing Pilates on a reformer, the machine used for the classes. These Nike sock/shoes are the only ones that I have been able to find so far beside just socks.

They are cute and have the grips on the feet I need, but since I am moving up and down on the machine so much, it does murder on the arch of my foot. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions of what I can do, I would be forever thankful. 

Has anyone else started working on any of their goals or resolutions for 2016 yet??

Jan 4, 2016

2016 Goals

Happy 2016  all!!! I was going to post this on the 2nd but I was recovering from the New Years Eve still and lack of sleep. Last year was kind of a mess for me resolution wise. This year I am doing a different take on it though. For me a resolution sounds like a chore, which leads to me not putting my full 110% into it. 

I have decided to say that I have goals since everything on this list is a goal that I had last year that never got completely done. Another thing that I am doing differently too is I am going to try to tackle each goal one at a time as well as putting a time line on each one. Sometimes, when I know that I  have an expended time to finish a task I am definitely tend to slack. 

Many of my goals go hand and hand with each other. I'm starting the working 4 to 5 times a week first since to me that is the easiest one to start.

Does anyone else have any goals or resolutions they are working towards this year?

Jan 1, 2016

Friday thoughts

Happy New Years all!!! Its' hard to believe that today is the first day of 2016. For me personally, 2015 was a roller coaster of highs and extreme lows but somehow I made it through another one year. This post is was originally for yesterday but I got super busy making a bunch of food for the NYE party that I attended/ helped host last night with one of my friends. Here are some quotes for the beginning of this New Year:

I have written down my goals for 2016 and one of those is to begin blogging on a more regular basis. Starting on the 4th, I and going to blog 3-4 days a week with Tuesday being about fitness and Thursday being Thoughtful Thursday. Hopefully, this year I can grow more as a person and do some of the things that I have been wanting to do in my personal and professional lives.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and a fantastic beginning of 2016!!!!