Jan 5, 2016

Fitness Tuesday: workout clothes

Happy Tuesday!!! For the first Fitness Tuesday of 2016 I wanted to talk about one of my favorite type of clothing: Workout clothes. Maybe its'  the comfort factor but for the most part, I live in workout clothes when I'm not at work. 

As one of my 2016 "Goals" is to start working out on a regular basis, I decided to get rid of some of my old exercise clothes that I haven't worn in years. Since Victoria's Secret is having their semi-annual sale I decided to get some news gear. Here are some of the things that I bought:

All these are still in stock except the Knockout bras. I love them because they have regular bra support but with a sports bra look. Another thing about these is the price: everything piece is between $12.99-$19.99 when they are regularly $36-$65 except the shorts which are 2 for $49 (unless you get a certain color which then they are $19.99). If you are as obsessed with workout clothes as I am then I would highly suggest getting to the sale before it ends.

Also, I have been trying to find some shoes that I can wear while doing Pilates on a reformer, the machine used for the classes. These Nike sock/shoes are the only ones that I have been able to find so far beside just socks.

They are cute and have the grips on the feet I need, but since I am moving up and down on the machine so much, it does murder on the arch of my foot. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions of what I can do, I would be forever thankful. 

Has anyone else started working on any of their goals or resolutions for 2016 yet??

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  1. Wow, all these workout clothes are looking so trendy. I liked second one tank top most. Well, patterns on other tanks are also very pretty. I was searching such fashionable workout clothes and landed on this website. Will surely buy one of these pairs.