Jan 27, 2016

Panty Dropper Punch

Almost two weeks ago my friend Jonathan decided that he wanted to make that he saw on Pinterest called a Panty Dropper. He started telling me what was in it, which was not in any Panty Dropper I have ever drank. For anyone who was trying not to "gain weight" drinking the drink consist of either pink lemonade or regular lemonade Crystal Light, water, and Vodka. 

I guess one could say that this version of the Panty dropper is the big sister of the college version that I use to drink. Of course, I add some extra flavors in the punch (since that is what I do best)

6-4 can of Bud Light (we used 4)
1-750 ml bottle Citrus Skyy vodka
1- 8oz can Pink Lemonade, concentrated
1-8 oz Raspberry Lemonade, concentrated
1 mini Skyy wild strawberry vodka
1 mini Skyy blood orange vodka
1 mini Skyy pineapple vodka

1. Empty 4 cans of Bud Light into a large bowl (we used a punch bowl)
2. Add in the Pink Lemonade and Raspberry Lemonade. Stir.
3. As you are continuing to stir, slowly add in the vodka, one bottle at a time.

Once all of the ingredients are mixed will this is the end result is the picture above. The end verdict was that it was pretty delicious. We ended up drinking to punch bowls worth. One thing we would do differently is adding an extra can two as the originally recipe said to do. It gives the punch more fizz.

Anyone else tried any drink recipes from Pinterest recently???

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