Jun 5, 2018

Fitness Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!!! It's not only Tuesday but it is my birthday today as well. Every year, I usually buy a new outfit to wear on my birthday. Well, this year I am buying new exercise clothes because I really need more of those.... I had been on a spending break for a while so since today started the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale I though it would be a good time to stock up on these tanks.

I have this tank in black, white, the rose color, and the gray color.  These are great for exercising, lounging or running errands. I had to stop myself before I bought every color.

And debating buying some more of these:

I own a few of these already. I know that a lot of people have not liked how they changed the way that they make these/the material that is used. If you are wanting a sports bra that will give you support like a regular bra when you are working out, this bra is it.

Here are a few other items that have caught my eye:

Since last September, I have been working out more and trying to eat better. One plus is that I now know what foods make me feel great and the ones that make me feel like crap so I try to stay away from those. After my car accident almost two years ago, I have a new appreciation for life. This year, turning 36, I hope to go on some new adventures and make some changes personally and professionally in my life.

Here's to 36!!! Peace and blessings, all and have a great Tuesday.