May 31, 2018

Thoughtful Thursday

Happy Thursday!!! It's hard to believe that today is the last day in May. The last few month, have gone by so quickly.  In the last few days, I finally figured out a way to manage blogging, work, school, and studying for my Personal Training Certification.  That was one of the changes that I was talking about yesterday. Off and on for the last few years I had been debating taking the test to be a CPT. I still have to study for that plus my class that is four days a week. I will see how it goes with all the readings, notes, and videos I have to watch.   

Probably next week, I will do an update on how I am doing towards reaching my yearly goals. Until then, here are some quotes for this week:

There are some other changes that I am making pertaining to the blog and in other areas in my life. I will sharing those as they start to happen. Peace & Blessings all and have a great Thursday!!!

May 30, 2018

Favorite Products from the last two months

Hello!!!!!! After a few months away (I think March was the last time I posted anything) I am back. I have been super busy for the last few months with school, work, and some other activities.  The Spring semester is over but Summer school started Yesterday. Yay for legal issues!!! There are some changes that are going to be happening in the next month so be on the lookout for that.

Since I have been gone, I have tried and been using some new products on the regular. Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about trying new products when they come out. Here are my favorite products that I have been using since the last time I blogged. These are all my own opinions about each of these products.

This is super addictive. I have been looking for granola that did not have any coconut in it. This one along with one from Nature Valley met that requirement. I eat this in plain yogurt, with milk, fruit, or just as a snack by itself.  You have to make sure not to eat too much though. It is about 220 calories per cup so I usually weight mine or us measuring cups to portion it out.

I am always on the lookout for a new natural or organic health companies to try.  Anytime I go to TJMAXX or Marshalls , I always find some great beauty and health products.  I found this deodorant in the jar and actually like it.  The jar come with a little stick to help the deodorant out. You just take a small amount, warm it with your fingertips, and apply it under your underarms.

The scent above is the one that I bought.  It smells so good.  I did buy two deodorant sticks of this sent because they have started selling it at Wal-Mart (it was only about .50 cheaper).  I have to say that I am not completely in love with the application of the stick. It is messier than the jar in my opinion.

I have been looking for a drink or snack to have before my workouts. I found this from one of the people I follow on Instagram. There are 24 sticks in the container. This does give me the boost that I need before I workout. The only thing I do not like about it is the taste. To me, it taste a tad bit sweet so I usually only use half a pack & dilute it with more water to make it less sweet. The other advantage is by using half I end up with 48 sticks instead of 24.

I found this product on one of the wellness websites that I get emails from on a regular basis. This is suppose to help with hair and nail growth. Ever since I started using this, my nails and hair have been growing a little fast. Also, my nails  have become stronger than they were before.

Nature Valley Biscuits
I will eat these as a snack or for breakfast if I am in a hurry in the morning. These comes in packs of four but I usually only eat two. Besides the blueberry they come in Honey and Lemon Poppy as well. I have not tried the Lemon Poppy but the Honey ones are really good also. Two of the biscuits have about 115 calories and 6g of sugar which is not terrible.

The sample pack is great for if you want to try a few of the items out.  I gave the Strawberry Lemonade Beauty water to one of my manager's to try. I was super excited about that one but it contains coconut in it. This is great for someone who is wanting to try their products but not spend the money on the larger items yet.

If anyone gets a chance to try some of these I would to know what you think about them.  Peace and blessings all and have a great Wednesday!!!