Aug 31, 2017

Thoughtful Thursday

Life happened. I have been so busy. Between still trying to unpack the house, getting back into the swing of school, & work there has been little time to do much. For me I tend to run, run. run to the point where my body says: "STOP!!! You need to take a break" or in my case, a mean cause of food poisoning over the weekend that makes me take a break.
I plan on getting back to blogging regularly at some point. The plus side of moving/buying a house is getting to buy new things. In my case, it means getting to put out all the kitchen appliances that I have. Sometime next week, I will be posting about some of my new kitchen gadgets. Until then, here are some thoughts for this Thursday:

Peace & Blessings, everyone. Have a great Thursday!!!

Aug 21, 2017

Eat Smart Digital Food Thermometer Review

EatSmart Products
This is a sponsored review. The views & opinions expressed are mine & mine alone.

Why hello there! Yes, I pulled another disappearing. No, I didn't mean to do it.  I've been super busy trying to tie up loose ends with my second semester of Graduate School starting (my first class is tomorrow). The real reason though that I have been M.I.A for the past couple of weeks is due to some big things happening: I bought a house & I got engaged all in the same day. These weeks have been full of packing, moving, & all the other decisions that come with owning a house. I've been so busy that I haven't even really thought about wedding plans. I will be sharing that & home decorating ideas down the road.

Since moving into the new house I have started to get back into cooking again. Recently, I received the EatSmart Digital Food Thermometer through the Fit Fluential facebook group.
One of the things that I like about it was that it's not super bulky like some of the other food thermometers that I've seen. Another great thing about the thermometer it that it list the temperatures of  of all the different types of meat.
Back in July, I was used it for the first time when I was cooking burgers & brats. The temperatures being listed did help me make sure to not overcook or under cook them. Also, it's super easy to clean & to store. The best part of the thermometer is that it's a reasonable price. You can get it on the EatSmart website or on Amazon. I had more pictures & video of  me using the thermometer but I accidentally deleted them. I may try using it again this week since I'm finally going to use my air fryer (there will definitely be a blog post about that).

I've said it before & I'll say it again: I'm going to try to start writing more. I still haven't really taken to the whole calendar/planner for the blog thing that others do. I guess eventually, I will try one but until then......I'll figure out something.

Peace & Blessings all!! Have a great Monday & start to your week!