Sep 16, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday

Happy Thursday! The last few weeks have been pretty busy plus I've been dealing with sinus issues per the usually. Hopefully, since it's starting to get cooler, the weather will help it some. Other than, that not much has been happening. Here are the thoughts/quotes for the week:

Have a great day. Peace & Blessing, everyone!

Sep 2, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday

Happy September... It's officially almost Fall (depending on which part of the country you live in). You would think it was Fall with all the Pumpkin spice flavored drinks that are out. Technically, we still have about 2 and half weeks until Fall. Anywho, I've busy living life (meaning working and trying to not be a big slacker pants).  I'll probably post tomorrow because I saw some pretty interesting article this week. Until then, here are some thoughts for today:

Have a great Thursday.  Peace & Blessings, all!!

Aug 26, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday

      And it's the last Thursday of the month. August has really flown by. It's crazy to believe that Summer will be over in 3-4 weeks. I know for one thing, I'll be happy when Summer ends because the weather will definitely cooler and less humid. Anywho, this is going to be short and sweet. So, here are a few post today:

Peace & Blessing, all!!! Have a great day.

Aug 25, 2021

August Monthly goals

         I can't believe that August (and Summer) are almost over. It seems like yesterday it was Memorial Day and now it is near the end of August. The last month or so I have forgotten (or was too busy) to post my monthly goal. Between July and August, I've combined my goals. Some of those goals will rollover into my September ones. Here were my goals for this month:

Focus on things I enjoy
I have been trying to take up hobbies again. I feel like all I've been doing is sitting around, watching bad reality TV shows. So far, I have bee doing my French lessons everyday, trying to get back into finishing some of the course that I signed up for in particular my CPT course (since I paid for it 2 + years ago). 

Catch up on reading
Anyone that follows me on IG has seen the stack of books that I've been trying to get through since Spring of 2020. I have made a dent in the stack but I keep getting new books. The goal is to finish the stack that I have before I add anything new. I have 3 more left to finish before the end of the month. Wish me luck!

Try new, healthier recipes
I've been trying to eat better. It has been tough due to living with a person who eats out non-stop. The rest of this month/into September, I'm going to try to use some of my low-calorie recipes from some of my cookbooks (I'll be sharing a cookie recipe next week). Part of the reason I'm doing this is for health, the other is so that all the food that I buy will not go to waste.

Create budget
A few years ago, I was really good at keeping and making a budget. About the last year (end of 2019 to be exact) until now my budget has been non-exist which not good. I originally used to keep a notebook and spreadsheet. I'm going to try to find a better way to keep it (and where it won't cost me a bunch of money).

So, those were my goals for August. In the process of trying to finish some of them (the reading one in particular). Probably at the beginning of September, which is next Wednesday (super crazy Fall is about to be here) I'll post the goals for that month. With August though: Better late, than never. Some of these may be continued in September (like making a budget). We'll see what happens the rest of this week before I write the list for next week.

Until then, Peace & Blessings, all!

Aug 19, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday

      New month, new book of quotes. This month all of my post are going to be coming from Billy Chapata's book of poetry, Flowers on the Moon. Since the end of July, I've been mad busy/in a writer's block so to speak. On the plus side, I've been able to finish most of the books that I started reading in June. Other than that, here are some thoughts for this week:

Peace and Blessing, everyone. Have a great Thursday!

Jul 30, 2021

Weekend Reads

Happy Friday! Not only is it Friday but it's the last Friday in July. It's wild that August starts Sunday and that summer is close to being over.  Wish I could say that I'm doing something exciting this weekend but honestly, I'm doing noting at all. Probably just catching up on my shows, might bake some cookies, you know the usual. So anywho, here are some articles that I found interesting over the last few weeks:

How eating fruit can help lower Diabetes risk.

How changing your attitude can be a good thing.

Check to see if you make any of these mistake with your oven.

They these 3 fats when cooking next time for brain health.

Try some of foods if you have stomach issues. 

Well, everyone have a great weekend and Friday. Peace and Blessings, all!!

Jul 29, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday

      Can't believe that this is the last Thursday in August. Finally posting some quotes again though. I got another book of poems , so after I'm done with this book I'll be posting from that. Mostly the second week of August is when I'm going to move away from the Mark Twain book.  I'm going to try to do better time on management but let's be real: there are time that I'd rather be napping or trying to catch up on my stack of books. I'm for real going to try to post 3-4 times a week in August but we'll see what happens. Anywho, here are some Mark Twain quotes for this week:

I'll probably be posting a Weekend Reads tomorrow since I've been MIA for a while. Until then, Peace and Blessings, Everyone!!!

Jun 30, 2021

July 4th food suggestions

      Heard to believe that today is the last day of June. The year is officially half way over. So, I'm one of those people that like holidays for one reason: the food. Given, there are some holidays that I like for reason besides food, but food is a common denominator with most of them. With July 4th this weekend, I thought I would share some different side and desserts. I mean, who doesn't love sides or desserts:

I have a small love potatoes if you didn't figure that out from two of the sided. I might make one or two of the items this week. We'll see though. Until next time, Peace & Blessings all!!!

Jun 16, 2021

Summer Strawberry Treats

 With the official start of summer a few days away, I've been wanting to make something with strawberries for some reason. In all honesty, it probably has to do with the big bag of strawberries I've got in my freezer as I write this. I went to Food Network to try to see what they had & here were a few of my favorite ones:

Berry Trifle

Strawberry-Cucumber Water

Strawberry Bellini

Now, some of these require no cooking at all (the infused water) & some you do have to cook. I think it was a fair mix of drink & desserts. All of theses would be great for any of the summer holidays or entertaining during the warm season. A recipe of something I made will be up soon so be on the lookout for that.

Until then, Peace & Blessings all!!

Jun 2, 2021

June 2021 Goals

      So, I just realized that I didn't post any goals for May. I made a list of goals but didn't write one down so. But anywho, it's now officially June. I do have goals for this month. Many of them all in the area of other goals from previous months. Between still trying to find a job & other things, I haven't been keeping up on task that I set for myself. Here are my main goals for June:

Be more active

I've been switching between strength training (to tone up) & cardio (to try to burn some fat). So right now, I'm in my toning up stage. I'm trying to be up & moving more too during the day. I've figure out how much I need to move to lose some of the weight I put on. Between stress & waiting for my new thyroid medication to kick in, I'm just trying to not be sitting all the time.

Reduce Stress

This is one of the main reasons that I've gained weight. I tend carry stress in my body, in particular in my back/shoulder/neck area. I've been trying to stretch more before & after working out. I've also been journaling regularly along with meditating. I'm trying to find other options as well to see if it helps with removing some of it.

Read More

One of my goals from a previous month. I'm trying to stay on top of all the books that I have piled up on my coffee table right now (8 books to be exact). The ones that I've read so far have been pretty interesting. I can't wait to finally finish the stack so I can finally share them with everyone.

Cutback On Technology

In the last year, I've been on my computer/phone/social media WAY too much. I'm have been sitting a timer on my phone to not look at it as much. I think I'm going to try to get off my computer & phone an hour before I go to bed to see if that helps me sleep better. 

I will see how all these goals work out since I've been a slacker of late. Hopefully, I can share a positive update at the beginning of July/end of June. Until then Peace & Blessings, all!!


May 28, 2021

Weekend Reads

Happy Friday! Crazy that it's the last Friday of the month & this time next week will be June. Sadly, I've been slacking on the goals that I set for myself for the last two months or so. Other than that, I've kinda got into a rhythm in aspects of my life. Blogging is clearly not one of those things. I am for real going to try to post all the post I've done that I haven't put up yet. Maybe June will be my month to be more productive. Until then, here are some articles that I liked & wanted to share this week:

Next week, I'll be posting my goals for June. Also, I'm going to try to have a more regular posting schedule. I have some idea about what I want to post on each day. We will see how that goes.

Peace & Blessings, All!!!


May 26, 2021

Memorial Days Treats

      Usually around Memorial Day (or any other holiday that is known for food), I post some recipes. Most of the time, I post desserts but this time I'm going to post a mixture of different foods. Also, I usually post the Monday before Memorial Day but since I've been in sloth mode lately, I'm going to post them today. Here are a few recipes if you are still looking for something to make:

Focaccia Sandwich

Antipasto Skewers

Strawberry Cheesecake Galette

There were a lot more recipes that I found that I would love to try making but I'll share those another time. Until then, Peace & Blessing all!!!