Sep 28, 2021

Best foods to help with Reducing Stress

A few weeks ago I went the doctor and I found out I need to change a couple of things and clean my diet up. One of the things that I have been trying to work on managing my stress. Part of that is changing some of the food I eat. I like baking cookies, cakes, and other sweets (as well as eating them) so you can kinda guess how that's going. Today, I wanted to share a short and sweet version of some of the best foods to eat for stress relief from Health, Eating Well, & Heathline:

Turkey Breast
Sweet Potatoes
Matcha Powder
Green Tea

I have been incorporating more of these into my diet lately. I have used garlic for a long time in my foods. Since I gave up coffee on January 1st (9 months and counting since I've had a cup), I've been drinking a lot of green tea. I think in a future post, I'll share what tea I'm drinking since I have about 20 different types at one time. Until then, Peace and Blessings!!

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