Jan 26, 2016

Fitness Tuesday

Last Tuesday was kinda busy so I forgot to put up my post. Oops, I did it again...... Anywho, here are a couple of things fitness wise that I like at the moment:

V8 V-Fusion Pomegranate juice
I used about a shoot (since there is a good amount of sugar in it) of this in some of the smoothies I make in the morning. It gives it extra flavor if you use a berry besides blueberry.
Sidenote: tried the Carrot Mango one, which wasn't terrible but would definitely recommend not trying the Healthy Greens. I would describe the taste as an apple then it turns to bell pepper, which took me half the day to get the aftertaste to finally leave.

I hate to say it but beside workout clothing from Victoria's Secret, I am slightly addicted to workout shoes. I have the FreeTR 4 and am debating about getting a new pair. I think I might get the middle pair since I tend to lean towards black and at least it has some color and its not just all black and white. 
Usually I were these when I left weight but now I have started wearing them when I do Pilates on the reformer also. I helps save my hands from hurting the next day. I had to buy the men's because I have large hand and the women's wouldn't fit. Recently, bought a second pair since my others ones were getting a little torn up from basic wear and tear.

I bought a the white pair of these at my local Dillard's on sale for less than $30. This was a questionable purchase for me at first because I needed a pair of shoes for Pilates, since the bar on the machine hurts the arch of my feet. I would say that these were a great investment. They have enough cushion in them to where I can push off them on the machine and they are comfortable to stand and jump in.

Those were my main fitness buys for this month (besides all the exercise clothes I bought during the semi-annual sale). Did anyone else invest in some new fitness gear or items this month???

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