Jun 3, 2011

It's official

So, kinda went in hiding there for a bit. Actually, I am trying not to hurt myself in my apartment  because I am moving. After two degress and nine and half years I am officially leaving Florence. Sad: kind of, somewhat. It's time to move on and get out of North Alabama in my personal opinion. Anywho, since I do not have cable or internet (due to moving) I have been walking to the school library. Can I just say it is too hot for words (96 with a 105 heat index does not scream fun at all).

In the process of me telling everyone that I am leaving people i.e. boys decided that they want to share their feeling about me with me. I really do not know how I feel about some of the things that have been said to me so far by them. I guess when someone moves people try to layout it out there even if the person really does not want to hear it. Other than that, I am just watching more DVD on tv.

Since the last post I have watched
  • the whole series of My So-Called Life
  • seasons 1-4 of One Tree Hill (for got what a good show it was until they decided to do the fast forward 5 years nonsense)
  • still trying to make it through Dawson's Creek, which I do not see happening anytime soon still
Now back to packing/watching more One Tree Hill


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