Jun 28, 2011

Lazy Days.....

Since the last time I posted I moved to Montgomery. And I am literally so bored I don't know what to do with myself. I think Florence had it out for me and did not want me to leave since I did not leave there until 9pm and did not get here until 2:15 Thursday morning (oh, thanks Birmingham for all the 11pm road work).

I have been here for almost two weeks now looking for jobs. It is a kinda long story behind it. In the last 2 weeks I think that I have watched so much television I have no idea what I am going to do with myself. Right now I am watching Wimbledon then the CWS later. I definitely do not think it is normal to spend about 6 days watching sports.

I need a job ASAP!!! I literally think my mind is turning to putty watching some of the ridiculous stuff (Secret Life of the American Teenager in particular) I have been watching. There is this book I have been reading called Don't You Know Much About American History by Kenneth C. Davis which is pretty interesting.  However, the bad television is out weighting the book at the moment.

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