Aug 14, 2011

Random Post!!!!!

Random comment of the day (even thought the day is about to be over on the East Coast): H & M kinda has a real website now. I might be the only person out there excited about that. It's not really a full-site because you can't buy anything on it :( But I guess that means I am going to the Atl at some point.

The thing I am actually most excited about/sadly addicted to on the site is the dressing room. They have were you can pack you own model and change the background and all that jazz. It's great to see what the clothes will look like on an actually person. Even though I'm not a size 2 or 4 I am about the same height as some of them so I can at least see what the clothing will not be to small unlike forever21 (which they have cute clothes, but if you have any kind of curves whatsoever you can forget about it).

So, that is the random comment of the day. Now back to listening to my 70s rock on my Pandora and checking my profile on an online dating site..... The story will come later about that but let's say my friend LMR can pretty much talk me into anything and at 29 that is a sad thing. There are some pretty normal guys are there and some that are kinda interesting. Anywho


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