Apr 26, 2016

Fitness Tuesday

Hi all!! I've been super busy but I have done some recipes for the blog and haven't gotten around to posting them yet. This fitness Tuesday I  am here with another smoothie recipe. This one is different from the first one that I posted in that this one has more of a variety of fruit besides your usual strawberries and triple berries. This is what I used this time in the smoothie:

1 cup triple berries (frozen)
1 cup strawberries (frozen)
I always use frozen fruit. It makes making smoothies easier since you cut out the adding the ice step.

Everyone has their opinion on apple cider vinegar. I drink it in cranberry juice (the juice is half diluted of course) and I drink it in water with lemon juice added. If you never tried it or just don't care for the taste I suggest adding it to a smoothie with a number of different flavors. Doing that, makes the vinegar taste not as strong.

I bought this juice right when it came out and I love it. One reason I bought it was because the sugar content ranges from 4g per serving (which is an 8oz glass) to 7g per serving. Out of all the juices I have looked at on the market (which is a lot) that is the best one that I have seen sugar wise.

1 banana
1 apple (sliced with peel)
I use Greek plain yogurt for you guessed it: the low sugar content. There is another brand the has a low sugar content on the market. To tell you the truth though, I usually base it on which one is on sale and the store I shop at alternates between the two being on sale. 

Mix all the ingredients into blender (I use a Nutribullet). Pulse until all are blended will. Pour smoothie into glass.

I ended up making too much so I had two glass full of it. If that happens, usually I will freeze or refrigerate the rest for the next day.
Does anyone make smoothies in the morning or just because??

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