Jul 21, 2020

Fitness Tuesday: Supplements I use- FNX Fitness

Since I've been trying to get back into a full workout routine, I've been taking some new supplements for the last few months. FNX fitness is one of the companies that I get my supplements from. They are based here in the USA (Utah to be exact). According to their website, their supplements are formulated to help people endure longer, recover quicker, and build strength faster than others on the market. Below are the main items that I use from them everyday.

     Recharge: I use this about 20-30 minutes before I start working out. This is the preworkout can help with exercise capacity, helps with endurance, & strength improvements.

     Recover: I take this about 10-15 minutes after I've done my ab workout at the end. I usually mix this & the collagen that I take in one glass. This post-workout helps muscles recover faster along with giving it the nutrients needed. Contains electrolytes to help with hydration, reduces lactic acid build up, & helps with increase blood flow.

     Rebalance: I add this to water sometime in the early afternoon (usually around 1 or 2pm). This is their version of super greens. They are efficient energy production, liver detox & gut health, hormone neural & immunity health.

     Rebuild: I actually combine this & the Recharge together preworkout. Creatine has been shown to help in increasing lean muscle mass and strength. It provides additional fuel to the muscles, making it a vital part in  maximal power and strength-based activities.

All of these come in a variety of flavors except the Rebuild that is unflavored. If you are looking for protein, they also have regular & Vegan version to try. I'm planning on trying the Vegan one once I finish the protein that I have. Also, if you are interested in trying any of their products, you can use this code here for 15% off. They are also are Afterpay as well. Afterpay is where you can pay products & where they are broken up into four payments (even though you can pay it off sooner than that). 

Have a great Tuesday. Peace & blessings, everyone!!!

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