Jul 9, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday

     Happy Thursday. Is anyone else trying to stay out of the heat or is it just me? I'm worried about what July & August are going to look like. Usually, when its' this hot in June in Alabama, late summer ends up worse. Not sure if it's even possible for it to get more humid than it is now. Hopefully, it'll cool down sooner later (that's a big maybe). 

Outside of dealing with the weather, I'm working on content for the next few weeks, writing an article for a copywriting job I applied for, making a list of things I need to do/want to talk care of before the end of the month & some other self-improvement things. Until then, here are some quotes & thoughts for today:

I've decided on Fridays, I'm going to start posting recipes that I've made in the last few weeks. I'm going to be posting one tomorrow. Peace & Blessing, all.

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