Jul 22, 2020

Amazon Finds

  During quaratine, I admit that I've bought a few things. Most of my shopping has been on Amazon since they sale so many things. I'm actually a part of a test group for Amazon where I give my opinion on movies & shows they have in the works. Some of the prices of these items  skyrocked at the beginning of Covid due to people buying all the free weights/dumbbells to workout at home right before everything shut down. The finds are a mixture of products from all areas:

Reusable Produce Bags 

I bought these after a Youtuber I follow talked about them. These have kept any fruit or vegetable I bought fresh longer.  They come in a set of five which was nice. To clean them, you just use regular soap & water. Then, let them air-dry. 

At the gym, it's though to do leg cable exercise with just the handle attachment. I use this when I want to work my outer & inner thigh along with my glutes. The picture is deceiving because it only come as a single, not two. 

These bands, I use most at the house now. I did take to the gym before Covid hit when I would do my ab work there. Now, I use them at home for leg & glutes. They are a better quality than most since they are a thick fabric, not elastic. You will definitely get a workout using them.

This has made mixing my powder supplements so much easier. A RD on IG I follow suggested using this instead of a spoon or fork. For the price, it's a great investment. I use it for mixing other liquid together as well.

FEIYOLD Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I bought these after I accidently sat on my other pair a few months ago. I actually like these better than the original pair I had. You do get two pairs, which is super nice. I alternate between them now. They are great if you work on the computer, watch television, or play on your phone for hours at a time.

Next week, I'll share the clothes that I've gotten from Amazon through their Prime Personal Shopper program that I'm a part of now. Until then, have a great Wednesday. Peace & blessings!!!

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