Aug 7, 2014

Recent Buy: Shoes

In July, I decided that I needed to be an adult somewhat and buy some flats. I usually have a tough time finding shoes since I have big large feet ( I wear an 11/12 depending on the shoe). A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Victoria's Secret where they were offering free shipping on purchases over $25. Anyone who knows me that I can not turn down two things: food and a deal.
  I ended up buying four pairs of shoes:
Double Ankle-strap Sandal
VS Collection Double Ankle-strap Sandal

Ankle-strap Wedge Espadrille
VS Collection Ankle-strap Wedge Espadrille

VS Loafer

VS Loafer
VS Collection VS Loafer

The second pair of loafers I bought were actually the Leopard Haircalf  ones but I think they are almost sold out of them now. Everything looked exactly like it did online as it did when I received the physical item.  One thing I can say about Victoria's Secret is that when you order items online, unless they are backed ordered you will get them extremely fast. I ordered my shoes on a Sunday
and received them that Wednesday.

That is it for now. I hope everyone has a good rest of your day and until next time, Laters....


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