Aug 29, 2014

What happening, people

Hey Again!!! I am definitely alive. Just super busy. I am taking 18 hours this semester. The only plus side to that is most of them are nutrition classes and I am learning a lot of things already. I have to find a new job since the spa I work at is closing (kinda saw that coming). I am completely out of commission for the long Labor Day weekend since I go my top two wisdom teeth out today. It would have to happen the weekend when football season starts. Any who, everyone have a great Labor Day weekend, eat enough dips, wings, and tasty food for me, and have enough too much ridiculous fun for me. I mean, when you are drinking your beers and yelling at the tv after you team doesn't play any defense (hint South Carolina. Don't get me started on that game, please.) think of me and have another.

Oh, and I for sure know how I am going to redo my blog now so, its going to reflect my personality and style more and I for one am super excited.

Until next time, Laters..........

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