Oct 13, 2012

Weekend treats

     I was going to post this on Saturday but I got kinda busy. Ok, that is a major lie: I ate to much food at Gameday party at my friend's house and ended up following asleep. Here is what I made to take out to my friend's party: Spinach/Artichoke Dip.

Before I tell how I made it I want to put out there that I cook in what my friend Kevin likes to call it "the grandma way": that is where you do not measure ingredients, kinda like some of our grandmas. I will tell you how much of everything I put in the dip:
 - 1 bag spinach, cooked and dried
 - 1 cup of Light Hellmann's mayo
 - 1 package cream cheese, soften
 - 1 can artichoke hearts, drained and chopped
 - One packet of vegetable soup
 - 2 tablespoons garlic powder
 - 2 cups mild cheese

First thing I did was put the artichokes in my food processor since they come whole. You can cut them yourself but it easier to process them. If you do not have a food processor a blender will work will also. If the cream cheese is soft enough, I sometime go and add all the ingredients into a blender. On this day however, I could not do that since half of my things are in my sorority sister/one of my best friend's apartments in Birmingham (side note: I had planned on moving to Birmingham but still have not found a job there). I ended up mixing it by hand:
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This was after a little bit of mixing by hand. I put the dip into some rolls I bought that were shaped like footballs and a bread bowl I made. After filling the rolls and bowl with dip, I put the rest of the cheese (1 cup) on top of the 6 rolls and the bread bowl. I cooked all of it at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes (depending on the oven you are using). The end results were this:
 Rolls before cheese                                         
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         Rolls after cooking
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              Bread Bowl
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You can tell I have issues routing my pictures to post but y'all have the idea (if someone could tell me how to rotate them the right way that would be awesome). The dip was a big hit at the party and my friend was made at me because I forgot to bring her some of the cookies and cream cake I made a couple of days ago
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Until my next food project or gameday, whichever comes first. Laters.....

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