May 28, 2013

A casual investment piece

I really did not have a Memorial Day really. I worked Sunday and Yesterday so I did my "celebrating" on Saturday.  I went on Lake Guntersville with my boyfriend and our friend whose family has a house at the lake. The point of this post is to say this: Columbia PFG's are awesome. I wore one of the ones I own Saturday at the lake and let's say if I would have wore another shirt I would have been out of commission and not in a happy mood the rest of the day.

I wore Men's Bonehead long-sleeve shirt in Vivid Blue (I guess it's the ADPI in me that is drawn to this color blue).
Men’s Bonehead™ Long Sleeve Shirt
Now you might be wondering why I wore a long sleeve shirt (I also wore leggings) in North Alabama when it's 80 outside. I have grass allergies real bad and if I am out in it long enough I start breaking out in hives. Anywho, I went on my friend's dad boat (which is one of seven, not sure why one man needs seven boats) and preceded to get smacked in the face with the tube wasting my Landshark all over my shirt.

I dry myself off then I end up dropping a bunch of Tostitos on it. Wiped myself off for the second time.
TOSTITOS® Salsa Con Queso

The day of spilling things on myself was not over. I then sat down to eat a half of steak and some barbecue chicken when I waste A1, Dale's sauce (I was in the kitchen getting something when I accidentally hit the open container of it), and barbecue sauce all over my shirt.
Original Dale's Seasoning (Case of 12/16 oz.)  KRAFT BARBECUE SAUCE - BARBECUE SAUCE - LIGHT ORIGINAL

Lastly, I decided to make me a drink the was pineapple, Patrón Reposado , and Patrón Citrónge which is a Patrón Pineapple (I did not use the silver thought). End up spilling on me due to some cute but excited dogs.

A PFG is a great investment if you do not have one (especially if you are accident prone like me). I think it is a great weekend shirt over shorts or with legging.

Until we meet again, Laters.......

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