Jan 4, 2015

Cooking Challenge

Happy New Year, everyone. Starting this month, I am adding a new section to my blog. I have always loved to cook so I decided to display some of my cooking skills. With that being said, the new section is going to surround around me cooking different recipes from the Southern Living cookbook: Southern Living's 1001 ways to cook Southern.

You can purchase this for $34.95 at Barnes and Noble but I bought mine for $20.00 at Books A Million. You can get the book for even less online for $17.47 (with a club membership card). To make the BAM deal sweeter, they included 6 issues of Southern Living Magazine for free.
I am going to be posting pictures and the recipes for each of the recipes I complete as well as some other recipes from there and other cookbooks on here. I have made 6 so far and it going well. Also, this is an excuse to use one of my new toys:
my new Kitchen Aid Mixer
 I technically only paid $199.98 plus tax for it after Sam's club took $50 off in store (making it $249.98) and then a $50 mail-in rebate. Kohl's and Sam's both have the one I bought for $299 (which is a deal if you know how much these mixers usually cost).
KitchenAid Professional HD Stand Mixer - Assorted Color Options
I still had the $10 one that I bought at Target from when I got my first Undergrad degree. I like using this one because you can process all the items in one swoop instead of have to stop, empty it out and reload the bowl. FYI: even though they say it is online only, my mom bought this at one of the Kohl's in our area.
I am super excited to share with all of you what I am cooking and how the recipes turn out. Until next time, Laters.....

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