Jun 10, 2015

Huntsville Cheese Festival

As part of my birthday weekend  I went to the first ever Huntsville Cheese Festival that was held on Sunday. It was held in downtown Huntsville and a number of local cheese markers and other local artisans were present. Sorry for not including pictures but I go a little distracted by all the cheese, wine, desserts, and craft beer that was at the festival.

Here are a few of the vendors that were present and links to their company:

Dayspring Dairy

 Dayspring Dairy has a not only makes cheese from sheep milk but they also make caramel.
Dayspring Dairy True Ewe Caramel
Both flavors of caramel they make are good. Personally though, the Bourbon caramel was my favorite.

Humble Heart Farms
At Humble Heart Farms, they not only use goat cheese in the traditional way but they add it to their homemade salsa, goat cheesecakes, and macaroons. I bought some of the salsa and tipsy goat (which has red wine in it) pictured below. The salsa has pieces of goat cheese in it. The salsa was so good that I ate one whole container the day that I bought it.
Humble Heart Tipsy Goat

Humble Heart Mild Salsa
1818 Farms

Besides being a working farm, they hold farm to table dinners, day camps, and sell a number of products made from goats milk and other things that the farm grows. At the festival, they had samples of a quick and easy quiche which was super yummy (I will be posting the recipe in a later post).

I also had:
-Bread from FredBread (the roasted garlic parmesan is really good with white sharp cheddar)

-Layered cake from Layers Desserts (one was vanilla vodka and the other was a blueberry lemon I think)

-Wine from Church Street Wine Shoppe (all the wine was provided by them)

Overall, it was fun experience and a great way to spend a Sunday after. Next I am looking forward to Big Spring Crush in September.

Are there any festivals or events that anyone is looking forward to?

 All of the logos and pictures are from the websites of the companies mentioned (expect for my pictures of products that were purchased).

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