Sep 8, 2015

Flavored water combos

I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend/Unofficial end of summer. I worked all weekend so BOO!!!! Anyway since I am still recovering from having my bottom wisdom teeth taken out I have been drinking a good amount of water. Usually, water is the only thing I drink unless I am drinking something as a mixer for a drink.

I came across article on The Food Network about flavored water and start getting some great ideas. The article had a number of fruit and vegetable flavor combinations. In case you didn't know already water can be a great mixer for drinks (usually with vodka). I love that they came up with different parings beside the usual cucumber, lemon, and lime infused waters. I might try some of these flavors out sometime this fall:







I definitely am considering trying to make the Apple-Cinnamon water for this fall since it's perfect for the season. Does anyone have any fruit or vegetable that they infuse in water?

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