Mar 15, 2016

Fitness Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, all. Today for fitness Tuesday, I am going to talk about one of my favorite topics: food. I am always for trying something new or a product that I have never had before. Here are some of the ones I have tried this month:

1. Jiff Peanut Butter Powder.
I know that pretty much everyone is making the peanut butter powder these days. I saw this in the store and decided I had to try it. One reason I like it is because it contains one ingredient: ground peanuts. It has less calories than regular peanut butter since you don't have all the extra ingredients that are used to usually preserve a product shelf life. Also, you can make just the amount you want. 
It is super easy to make too:
3 tbsp peanut butter powder
pinch of salt (optional)
sugar (I used 1 tbsp of honey)
3 tbsp water
Just make sure to not use too much water or it will be really runny. Plus, it is a whole lot cheaper then many of the other powders I have seen around (I got mine for $3.69 compared to another brand that was almost $6.00 for less powder).

2. Hint

I tried this water recently for the first time and was surprised at how much I liked it. I have seen it around for a while but finally decided to take the plunge and get some of it. Personally, I thought that it had the right amount of sweetness. The best way to describe the taste would be what water taste like when you diffuse it yourself then you add a packet of sweetener to it. And if you're one of those people (like my boyfriend) who likes flavored carbonated water they even make those now in select flavors.

3. Engine 2
About two weekends ago, I had to go on a store tour of Whole Foods that they opened here a few months ago with the Nutrition club at school. While I was there, the guide who gave us the tour (which I actually went on twice that day, long story) started talking about Engine 2. In a nutshell your becoming vegan in a since: you stop eating all processed and refined foods, meat, and meat. You only eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds. There is a 28 day challenge where you slowly cut all the "bad foods" out week by week.

Whole foods is now selling some of the products that the company makes. Which if you ever did the challenge would be extremely helpful. The products range from Hummus to frozen foods. These are two of the products I got.

I go both of these and the wild rice was pretty good. I haven't tried the morning blend yet though. I am most likely going to try some of the other products at some point. I'm not be doing the challenge though. I did a challenge similar to it about three years ago and its not for everyone. My opinion is to choose what works best for you and that not every diet is for every person.
That's all for today.

Has anyone else tried any of these or have any new more nutritious foods they have tried that are out in stores now?

These are my opinion of the product.

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