May 31, 2016

Fitness Tuesday

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. In all honesty, I forgot that today was Tuesday. Anywho, I am going to share one of my favorite things to do these days: meditate. Most people I know are not use to seeing me as calm and relaxed as I have been recently. A number of them have actually said that they noticed a change in me. I think meditation is great just in general because it helps you let go of negative thoughts and energy that most of us build up and harping on.  

The one app that I use is called Calm
(all of these images are from the google store)

 I have it on both my phone and my tablet. You can purchase it in the google store (for androids and on your computer) or in the app store (for apple users). This app is pretty easy to use. You just set up an account and it keeps track of the number of days you have meditated along with the amount of time. 

 You get to choose a different scene setting which has different sounds. The three I go between are Sunset Beach, Coastline at Sunset, and Mountain Lake. 

You can get a subscribe to get more information in their library. Monthly subscriptions are $9.99 and yearly are $39.99 (making it about $3.33 a month).
 In the long run I think the cost is worth it. Also, they have a book out that they came out with also

Has anyone else tried meditation??

This is my opinion of this app and website. I did not receive compensation for giving my opinion. 

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