Aug 9, 2016

Berry Yogurt Bark

When you are trying to eat healthy and not give into temptation i.e. eating a row of Oreo cookies, finding a snack can be hard. I posted this recipe last week and I decided to make it a few days ago. It is super easy to make.
2 cups plain yogurt
2 cups Strawberries chopped (with a few Blueberries)
4 packets Stevia (I used Zing that I received from Diabetic Educators )
Agave in the Raw (amount to liking)

In a bowl mix the yogurt, Stevia, and Agave in the Raw.

Dice Strawberries (I added a few blueberries as well).

Stir in Strawberries.
Spoon in to freezer-safe container.

Freeze for 5-6 hours or until bark is frozen to liking.

-I added Agave Nectar to the recipe (the original did not use it) to make it sweeter. I used 3 tbsp of it in the end since I had to add to the original batch.

Also, It's sad that I'm super excited about the bowls in the picture. They are measuring cup also. They are super handy when I need to measure an exact amount along with mixing ingredients together. I don't have to make an extra mess, which is great.

Happy snacking!!!!

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