Jan 24, 2017

Fitness Tuesday

Since it is Tuesday, its; time or another Fitness Tuesday. Until I can start going to the gym again (I went to my school's gym but I can't at the moment) I am trying to find exercises I can do at home & outside. I think in a time crunch at home workouts can be super beneficial if you are trying to stay in shape. 
I'm also trying to do more stretching. Ever since my car accident in October, I've lost all the flexibility that I had. One of goals I have on the fitness front this year is to get my stretch and do yoga daily. My friend & I are going to the Wanderlust 108 event in Atlanta in April (I missed the one in Nashville last year because of my accident) so I at least want to be able to do yoga in a crowd without making a total fool of myself.
There are a number of health/wellness/fitness websites that I read & Bodybuilding.com is one of my favorites for exercises (besides Pinterest of course). I'm trying to get my booty back in shape I've been doing these Ashley Horner workout booty workouts plus some more of hers from Pinterest:

Peace & Blessings, all. I'm off to do some of these exercise. Everyone have a great Tuesday & be careful if you live in one of the areas with the bad weather.

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