Mar 22, 2017

Healthy Lunch Ideas

Happy Spring!!! It's hard to believe that Spring is here considering that it has felt like it for the last month or so. No surprised here, I have been swamped with projects #gradschoollife. Anywho, with me being so busy, I have been eating out ALOT lately (the way my clothes are fitting are a clear indication of that) since I have not had time to cook.
One thing I have figured out is that making lunch is much easier than making dinner. The last couple of days I have been making dinner and eating leftovers for lunch. If I had time, I would make a few of these great lunch recipes from Eating Well:

 I have a major little obsession with quiche. Eventually, I want to try my hand at making a crust from scratch (the only time I ever did it, it was a bit of a disaster). I like this Broccoli, Ham, & Cheese quiche because it combines two of my favorite foods: broccoli & cheese. 

Pasta is a great option (in moderation). It is easy to mix different add-in items to like in the Greek Pasta Salad. I usually add Feta cheese & them a few different types of vegetables, nuts, or fruit. I try to make it as colorful as possible.

As I said above: I LOVE quiche, broccoli, & cheese. Broccoli-Cheese Pie is pretty much a crustless quiche. There is no need to explain why I like this "pie".

The Chicken & White Bean salad is a different take on a salad in my opinion. By adding the beans, you are getting a great source of fiber & protein. Putting it on a salad gives it extra color & crunch. When I decide to make this I might some more vegetables or change up beans.

One great way to use ravioli you have left over is to put it in soup. The Ravioli & Vegetable soup combines two great meals by themselves into something that is sure to fill you up.

Peace & Blessing, all. I hope that everyone's Spring has gotten off to a great start!!!

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