Apr 4, 2017

Spring Eats

I hope everyone had a good weekend. At the moment, I am covered in anti-itching cream after breaking out in hives. So, I am thinking it may have been the new toothpaste that I was using or that I have developed another allergy (YAY). Anywho, I am so glad that Spring is here for many reason. 

One of the main reasons is that I tend to eat lighter in hotter months. I definitely hibernate in the winter months & eat all those comfort foods like pasta & stew. Personally, I have come to the realization that moderation is the key & that we are all different. Calorie counting may work for one person while low carb or an elimination plan might work for someone else. Here are a few spring recipes that are not only light but can be changed based on your eating lifestyle.

Arancini with Peas & Mozzarella

All of these recipes can be played with to make them your own. I know that I am going to break my new air fryer out to do some tempura recipes when I get the time. I know for those who are vegan, there are egg substitutes such as Ener-G. I would suggest trying those out first in the recipe you want to use it in before making it. 

Peace, blessings, & happy eating all!!!

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