Nov 27, 2017

Thanksgiving sale buys

Hello all!!! I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday.  I know that everyone has posted about the sales and their Christmas gift guides/wish list. Not going to lie, I usually wait until the last minute to do my shopping. This year though, I started doing it are you ready for it EARLY. 
I bought a few of  the Old Navy items on Black Friday when they were 50% off with an additional 10% off. Others items like the one from Old Try I waited a day or so to decide how many prints I wanted. Here some of the items I bought during the last three days of sales:

50% off everything with code CYBER, free shipping, and an additional 10% off with the code TREAT

I knew I wanted this top when I saw the sleeves. I bought this shirt in the black and white in the regular length. Now, here is what I did not like: if you are tall like I am, then the regular ends up being too short in the sleeves and the length over the stomach. I would order in the tall if you are wanting sleeves.

I bought this turtleneck in these two colors plus the black one (which is sold out now). The one thing I like about these is that the sleeves are long enough. They are a little bit see-through so I would suggest wearing a tank underneath or a vest on top of the turtleneck.


I have been wanting to buy an Old Try print for years. This year, I finally bit the bullet and decided to get one since they were on sale. I bought the two prints (the pineapple one is sold out now) and the two pennants above. The Alabama pennant is a Christmas gift. The Georgia one is mine (no suppose there). I was also going to buy one of the Auburn prints for my friend who went there:

I have been debating whether to buy this one as well: 
What do you think???

40% off at checkout


I bought the dress and the classic button down a week ago when they had a 40% off sale. I ended up returning those two items yesterday after I made the mistake of going on Black Friday. The line was about 150 long so I decided to wait. I have been wearing the cardigan everyday since I bought it. It goes great with lounge clothes and with work items. 

The dress above is actually not the dress that I own. The one that I bought got sold out between Friday and last night. I returned it to the store due to it being too big. It was a swing dress and a large literally looked like a sack. I ordered a medium online so hopefully it will not be so baggy. The shirt below is the print of the that dress:

Outside of these items, I bought an electric wine opener and my mom some of her Christmas presents. I am probably going to finish the rest of my shopping in the next few day. Many of the items are on sale so this is a better time than any to go ahead and get everything.

Peace & Blessing all!!! I would love to know if any of you found great deal or sales this week.

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