Aug 16, 2018

Thoughtful Thursday

Hello again!!! This summer has been super busy & crazy compared to other ones. There has been a lot going on. I've  been working 40+ hours a week along with trying to finish studying for my summer class (which I got an A in). Earlier this year, I decided to get my personal training certification. I'm going to "try to" finish the course in the next few weeks along with finding a CPR class.  Lastly, I'm planning a wedding for March, looking at locations (having a destination wedding in a place we both want to go to), bands/DJ, and all the other planning involved in a wedding. I have been trying to kept a float and find time for everything. 

Hence the reason why I have not been blogging as much.  This week has been a strange one including me stepping on a stool Monday a work when I was getting up from my desk and twisting my ankle. Life and accidents happen sometimes, which I'm most definitely living proof of. Somethings get put on the back burner (in my case,blogging). I don't know about anyone else but who else is glad the weekend is almost here. This girl right here, that's who. School starts tomorrow #mylastfallsemsterEVERRR. Here are some quotes that are helping me push through this new school year and rest of the week:



Peace & blessing, all. Have a great Thursday and stay positive all!!! 

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