Jan 2, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday

     Happy 2020 Peeps!!! I was going to post my 2020 Life Focus/Goals yesterday but that didn't happen (shocker). I'm going to post those sometime next week. I just needed a mental break from a WHOLE LOT of things towards the end of 2020. 2019 had some great things happen like me graduating finally with my Masters (thank you Jesus) & having to get a new car (farewell to my 2000 Protege). Some of the not so good include losing my job (which I still haven't found another one at the moment) & my foot issues continuing.

When I look back at 2019 though, I'll see it as a year of growth for myself. Looking back on that decade of 2009-2019, I experienced some of the highest highs to some of the lowest points. Each year, I've a bit evolved (like I hope others have done). I've learned about life, love, had relationships  & friendships start & end (then some restart again), but most importantly I found more about who I am. Going into 2020, I know what out of life, the type of people I want in it, the direction I want it to take, & what I stuff I won't stand for in my life. Here are some quotes for first Thursday in 2020:

For real this time, I'm going to blog three to four time a week. Post will be up Monday-Thursday with topic days staying pretty much the same: recipes on Monday, Fitness (physical & mental) on Tuesday, Wednesday is just whatever comes to me, & Thoughtful Thursday. I'm also going to try to revamp the blog & post on IG more regularly.

Peace & Blessings, all. Everyone have a great Thursday & rest of your week.

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