Aug 13, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday

     Happy Thursday! This is kinda late but better late than never. I was in the process of trying to order a Bid Day gift for someone going through recruitment at Alabama right now. So, people send flowers & other things along with the Bid Day gifts that they get from the sorority that they join plus people who want to send flowers & such. I know that I'm extra but Bama recruitment is a whole different level of extra. She gets her bid on Sunday so, we'll see where she end up going (fingers crossed, it'll be ADPI). 

Anywho, the quotes for this week are from Billy Chapta's book, Flawers. All the quotes for most of August are going to be from his books. Here are some quotes/thoughts for today:

Tomorrow, I'm posting one of my go-to easy chicken dinner recipes. It's from one of my favorite Southern Living cooks, that I still haven't found from the move almost 3 years ago. I think I shared it a long time ago, but that was years ago so I'm glad to be able to share it again. Peace & Blessings, all!

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